Sunday, July 03, 2005

"LIVE"ly day

I wonder how much can one take in a day!
Spinal Tap started the journey(for me) and Floyd ended it,as we switched from one live event to another,never being failed to be amazed by the joys real time can give us.Well the Spinal Tap thing was not live but the movie This is Spinal Tap was quite good,and it set the tone for the day,night,late night,wee hours and finally morning.And I guess my record of watching TV continuosly is broken right here.

This is a monumental achievement on my part,for if I ever have to look for the causes that ruined me,there is one right here.Writing about it could be just another one,so I will just plain list the delights I was served today by the idiot box,and let you rue the fact that you missed it.

1.The Natwest Trophy final-England and Australia meeting these days is always fun to watch,but this was beyond fun.This was a thrill.After Oz made 196 nobody thought England could lose from there.But when fiery Lee and consistent Mcgrath made England scoreboard read 33-5,nobody thought Oz could lose it from there.In the end everybody was right,nobody lost,the match was tied and a low scoring tie is always fun to watch.Sets the tone for the Ashes.

2.Wimbledon-The Roddick Johansson match was a close one and mostly an exciting one,but the ladies final took the cake.Venus Williams came back from so many near dead ends to take the Championships winning 9-7 in the final set against a visibly unfit Davenport.She played well but ruined it for me by overdramatising as she did against Sharapova.Really that took away whatever applause I had saved for her brillianr performance.But the snob that she is,she wouldn't care what I think.Let it be then.

3.The Live8 concert-Wasn't really planned (the concert was planned,me watching it full time was not).But heck,I pretended I had nothing to do and I hung on.In a battle between you and the TV there is only one loser,any way you look at it.I didn't mind,I was entertained.More by people who came to watch the concert or something else I don't care about.Anyway most of the bands that played,you won't listen to their songs let alone watch them perform live.There was an All black vs. English lions rugby match going on to save me from such no names.The adrenalin kicked on rather late when Pete Townsend started asking Who are you ? Half sleepy,I didn't know the answer.Pink Floyd with their much celebrated get together gig tried to suggest I was Comfortambly Numb,but I was past care.The music was good,best I have heard in days (leaving out Modest Mouse),and it was 4 in the morning already.Sir Paul McCartney ended it all with the ever catchy Hey Jude and I'm still humming that.Maybe that's why I can't sleep.

Hey Jude,dont make it bad
Take a.....Shut Up!

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