Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Two Face

Was having fun with GIMP and couldn't help but think about the school day quizzes which had such visually appealing rounds like identifying both persons in the two face created.The two face I have uploaded here amateurishly tries to relive the magic.I thought I would combine these two people as my first attempt at it for there is a funny story behind it.We were at the finals of the Limca Book Of Records quiz final and this came up as our question(well the picture quality was much better).My team mates,Shubho and Himanshu(he later went on to get a 2nd place in ESPN school quiz,proud moment that),were frustrated that they couldn't recognise one of the faces,I was frustrated for the same reason.We had about 20 seconds and this conversation took place:

Them:Dammit,we don't know one.
Me:Everybody can guess one.
Them:Which one are you talking about?
Me:Well..Stuart Macgill of course.
(frantic movement to snatch the mic from me and a stunned look aimed in my direction)
Them(to Barry O' Brien-the quizmaster,in chorus) :Stuart MacGill and Bill Clinton
Them (after answering) :How can you recognise MacGill and not Bill Clinton.
Me: I've met Macgill( I have actually,a tour match at jamshedpur,he was signing autographs)
They were speechless,and then they just laughed.
For the record we came 4th out of 10, and 1000 bucks at that time was a lot of money.
Happy times those.

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