Sunday, August 28, 2005

Jon Stewart on bloggers

I can't restrain myself from talking about Jon in my blogs.'The dead blog' on the links in the left hand side talks about him first up.It took 25 odd posts to talk about him here.You can find all about him in Wikipedia or Google or anywhere on how he is the funniest man in U.S,how he is changing the way news is presented,how his outburst on 'Crossfire' ended that landmark news program.And then it became the most downloaded video on internet.That video you can also find on the net if you search for it.

But what I am linking here is the video clip of a Daily Show episode in which he discusses bloggers and their role today.Pretty relevant too.

Take it from here

You need to have quicktime plugin for this.

In case you are in IITB,you can avoid all this hassle and just leave a comment to get it from me.Seriously worth watching.In case you like it,a lot more clips are available here. Yeah I've got 'em all.

Here is the transcript.So in case you aren't able to view this one,just go through the transcript and you'll get a fair idea.
Happy blogging!


annie said...

THIS one isn`t meant to be a comment about your latest posting.
everytime i go through your blog i feel more and more inclined to appreciate your style of writing.i liked the last para of ashes to ashes so much that i have made it a point to go through your blog everytime i come to the comp room.
i think steve waugh shud see the way you captured his last ashes test.
"after all thats what emotion is all about".
i wish i had the ability to write like you.but seems like an unachiveable aimbition.
keep writing. i think in my list of few good men you will make it as the first person.

Nikhil said...

Thank you man!! I always wanted to be a sports journalist and your comment makes me feel I should do something about it.:D

I'm not sure that Steve Waugh would like this modest praise though,he has lot more fluent admirers.And more importantly they get paid for praising so they have to be better :D

And sometimes i think you being superfluos and generous in praise.Then I recall that your name literally translated in english means "Lord of the Infinite".So you're just doing your job. :))

Hope you got the joke,and more importantly take it as a joke.Nice to see that someone at least appreciates,after the horror my HSS lit. course. :(

Keep coming back.

arunabh said...

why do you have to keep dwelling on the
"mother of all horrors"? Everybody knows the
course was more about interpreting correctly the "vague muddled thoughts " of the faculty
members than anything else.Ofcourse the
endsemester also tested the ruttofaing skills of the sudent where you(we shud be
better) were found lacking.And no i'm not
indirectly trying to cover my own performance by this comment ;)
Now its time to take up the pen(blog) for Vaughan !!

Nikhil said...

She was a horror.Mother or not,who knows :P

Everytime I put my pen,rather keyboard into use,her clinical dissection of my answer sheet flashes into my mind.Like a nightmare.I can't get that page out of mind,never.

Euolgy on Vaughan? Wait till the end of the Ashes.Hope nothing happens in between to change my stand.