Sunday, August 28, 2005

Poetic journey

Been flirting with a lot of verse lately.Mostly 'silly verse'.Anyone who sees my recent Orkut scraps can figure that out .Suddenly my mind rushes back to my first 'published' poem when I was in the 3rd std. It was in the kiddy section of a sunday supplement of the hindi daily 'Jansatta'. Amazingly I still remember the lines and recreate it here with the help of this site.

Here we go.

िहंदु ,मुसिलम् , िसख , ईसाई,
सब आपस मे भाई भाई .

िफर कय होते दंगे और फसाद,
िफर कयहेे भारत माता पर
यह गहरा अवसाद.

भूलें कल को,दे हाथ में हाथ
बढाये देश को,िमलके साथ-साथ.

Just after the Babri Masjid tragedy.Redundant questions asked and equally uncomplicated and improbable answers.But those were the days to dream.Towards Utopia.

To all those unforgiving friends of mine who think pinched this off some place or the other just to see my name in print--I reiterate that I wrote it myself.Seeing my name in print was vanity that my age permitted,but I was honest enough even then not to use unfair means to achieve that.

My budding writing career did not end here.I got something published in the pre-teen zine 'Target'.Got some money off an essay in some other kiddy hindi magazine.And got something published in 'Children's World' too.Then around 6th std. I realised how hollow I wrote,so I quit writing in public.

Until now that is.


Phoenix said...

Well, that one surely was an indication that u're good at writing....
That reminded me of the first one that I wrote and was published, probably even in a more kiddy supplement than be honest I dont even remember.But I have that poem somehow, found it in my class 2 notebook a couple of years back, and laughed so much at it ppl though I had turned mad.(not as if I already am not one). I still remember, it was called "Butterfly" and starting from the beauty and the enviable freedom of a butterfly it went on to comment on the value of independence or something like that!
It was terribly stupid...:D

Nikhil said...

Ah,thanks!! Words like these go a long way in salvaging some self-confidence and belief I lost after my HSS-205 english lit. course.Forgetting the author's name,swapping the poet's name and misjudging the plot did not help either,but that's another story :D

And I would love to look at your first 'published' creation.Afterall seeing all those graet and creative poems you have put in,I will get to see how the cliche "Great things have humble beginnings" is justified.

And about the Butterfly leading to independence and other seemingly arbitrary links you think you have made,just rename the poem "Butterfly effect".That will take care of all the arbritary links and even weirder ones if you wish to add :D

Phoenix said...

Let my exams end..i'll launch a massive hunt for the first of my poem diaries...I know it's there.Though trust me, you'll regret reading it!

thanx for dropping by on my blog pages...but please don't exaggerate like that about watever i put in there. I know it's a lot of crap, certainly nowhere compared to the profficiency you've in your writings. anyway, u have a regular visitor now!

Nikhil said...

Me and proficient in writing? I'll scan and put here my Lit. answer sheet someday for the world to see.There are actually comments like "Don't use words if you can't use them properly in a sentence" !! Imagine.

I know how difficult writing a verse is,at least I find it that way.The freqeuncy with which you churn out poems is admirable and the quality is worth applauding.I was doing just that.

Although exaggeration is something I have often been blamed of often.Maybe I don't get the right words to express.But in this case it was not exaggeration,honest praise.

And thank you!! Keep coming back.You have a regular visitor in me too.