Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pop goes the ego

It was Abir's birthday today.That meant we added one more year to our 14 year old acquaintance and later friendship.Okay he added one more,I just celebrated.

As always this made me (us) look back at the school days and more.It is always fun talking about embarrassments,agonies and pains,as it feels so much better in retrospect.He has had many more such moments (he,he I hope you are not reading this ;) )

Pain,agony,defeat,blushes,stupidity or just shattered ego.Made it a point to list some of those here so that we have enough fuel to laugh about on our later (much later maybe) retrospective sessions.And since Abir still doesn't have a blog of his own,I'll use my discretion by not listing some classified (mis)adventures of his.Maybe later :D


Prelude: 9th standard.Outside school after classes.Abir on his bike,me on the backseat.Virtually the entire school waiting outside to get home,or just loiter about.We still in the parking lot.

Neeraj Mishra:Abir,I bet you can't perform the front-wheel-in-the-air-trick here.
Abir' bike:Vroooooom...
Abir:Done baby.
Me:Cool it down,macho man.You can do with broken bones,I can't (wasn't into X-games as yet)

Suddenly some girl comes in front of the bike.His eyes light up.

Abir:Here it comes again

Both of us hit the road (without the bike).If that was not enough,the seat on the bike comes off and is thrown away.Understandably people around us were laughing,and laughing hard.

Vice Principal (somewhere in the vicinity,talking to the student nearest to her):Isn't that Abir ? And whose the other guy..Nikhil??

All right we were famous in school,but it's moments like these that make me wish otherwise.

Abir (readjusting the seat) : Come sit,I promise I won't do this again.
Me:Very reassuring,thank you.

I would have laughed like never before if I wasn't hurt and angry.Now that I am not,I am still laughing visualising that moment.We were being taught a poem by Anita Desai just about the same time,in which a little girl feels so insecure when she is laughed at by her classmates.Life imitated art,but least we don't feel bad in retrospect as Desai did.And we didn't write a poem.But then she didn't write a blog.

Footnote: We take a secret,long way back home,evading everyone who has a chance of recognising us.Abir bunks class the next day.I have the explaining to do,most painfully to the vice principal.I devised an effective answer -"I wasn't even driving!".Sorry Abir ;)


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