Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thus far at Malhar-Day 1

It's mid week and before the finals weekend of Malhar come up,I thought now would be the time to assess the early rounds before the finals make me change my mind.

The theme this year had something to do with frogs.I am too naive to know what and too disinterested to find it out.Only thing I do know is that they were told to retract from their original mascot,which was nothing but the four lions mascot with the lions replaced by frogs.So original and tasteful.I dunno what sort of people cry loud at Indian flag being worn as a dress or having it as a shoe design.Surely not them.Anyway I got into the mood and changed my ringtone to Crazy Frog,and it helped.

This move made the Gods of Frogs and other related animals smile upon me.I got something that every non-Xavierite craves for when he enters the Xavier's premises.And it's not getting a Xavier chic for girls don't fall for ringtones anymore.It's getting a chance to get into the college on the Finals weekend,which is not an easy thing to do.Believe me,the amount of snob and snootiness directed towards you would make you run away and never come back.A normal person would shut up his years and cry whenever he hears things like "Stand in a line","Stand in a straight line","Do you have any sharp object any cigarette,lighter,knife ...zzz...." ,but the charm of Xaviers makes people bear all this collateral damage.

I am not qualified enough to comment on the organisational success for I never was a part of the busy group of people running around with backpacks with a diary in their hands going out on treats more often than have proper meetings.But I have had moderate experience of college quizzes,and a vast one of school ones,so I think I should stick to my domain.

I was in the college contingent for Sports quiz,which means a lot of undue pressure.One look at the paper and the fear's gone.If you find a question like "What is the full name of Pele" it would make you think it was a 6th std. GK paper.Followed up by "Where are the winter olympics taking place in 2006" and it's regular CSR stuff.If it were not for F1 and tour-de-france,I would seriously have doubted the sources.There were around 7 questions on F1.I couldn't figure out why until I saw the girl incharge wearing a BMW-Williams T-shirt.I can get pretty observant.Now that meant that a team of girls had setup the sports quiz,which until now I thought was not one their interests.That too so socially active Xavierites.Needless to say we got through,although after missing a lot of questions out of sheer complacency.If the finals are anything like this we are surely going to lose.

Next came the shady corporate quiz.A quiz whose 2nd round was a GD.That made me not want to take part but perhaps I was considered too good a quizzing talent to go waste (it's a joke,don't take it seriously) .I am not into east man colored paper prints that talk about business,the color of the newspapers are a huge putoff.So it was pretty obvious that we were struggling,until we came upon the crossword.I always thought crosswords had their share of easy questions to get people of the blocks.But when you see questions like "Yelena Isinbayeva jumped 5 ____ to create a world record",you know something's seriously wrong.We weren't exactly hopeful,but turned out we qualified fourth best.Perhaps the business yuppies considered it too downgrading to take part.The GD was a different story though.

Thus ended the first day for me.I ran out as soon as my events got over.Landed up at Nariman point and walked along to the beach.Wondering all along how pretentious life had become.The seas and horizons always make me do that.And I got that Italia tee I had always craved for.Now I am an Azzuri too.

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