Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thus far at Malhar-Day 2

I had just re-seen a Seinfeld episode in which Jerry starts out by talking about public speaking.He says:

"In a recent survey it was found out that the no. 1 fear that people have is public speaking,followed by death.
Death people!
So it would be better off for most people at a funeral service to get into the casket than do an euology!!"

Group Discussion and me.My partners tried to convince me that I would have to sit for jobs and this is how I will be selected.But somehow this first GD of my career,that too in an inter college fest,didn't seem such a good idea.

I get irritated very easily and the prime irritant is people forcing their views and talking about things they hardly care about in real lives.Bloody hypocrites.Whenever I see an essay on "Brain Drain of IItian's and how we can stop it"or "Secularism in India" by my colleagues,I cry out with frustration.The same people who die for a foreign PT and would do anything to go to the US or the same people who have classified views about the riots writing such hollow things.Same thing happens when I see a deabte or a GD.And now I was to be a part of one.

Thankfully and rather ironically the GD turned about to be a fraud.It was actually open lobbying and politics.The 15 teams selected for the 2nd round were divided into 5 groups with each group again subdivided into 3 teams.Each team was given ownership of an oil company,and they had to strike partenships either 2 at a time or all 3 at time to dig oil wells in a country.Company A had 6 times the capcaity of C and B had 3 times that of C.The purpose was to strike a deal to share 600m$ among the companies.We were team B.

I was cluelesss for a while.My team mates tried to figure out something.By that time A promised C to give 50% of the profit (imagine!!) while we couldn't go beyond 40.So an absurd deal was struck and we were eliminated.I couldn't figure out why A did that with so much more capacity.Then one of A's team members replied "We did it for the heck of it.Never beaten an IItian team".Yeah thanks,nice place to do that.

Since I have no knowledge of how a GD should be or how business deals should be struck,I will refrain from passing a judgement.My partners were heartbroken though.Sorry mates,I am of no help here.

Wordgames is again not my kind of thing.But given good enough partners,my team can still get through.I had to choose between having experienced batchmates/seniors and enthusiastic but limited juniors.I chose the latter and although I didn't make it,I am happy that I guided my juniors who have resolved to do better the next time,whenever it may be.Always been an altruist :D

Now the fairytale of the day was the Personalities Quiz.It was as we expected to be.There were a few straight ones which made sure you knew who the tenth most powerful woman of the world was,but then there were a few workoutable ones.We didn't do very well,but I didn't exactly lose hope.Chandan (who was incidentally in that GD thing too with me) lost hope though.He thought this was going to be another one of those events where we couldn't get through after doing relatively well.This one's for you mate :).But don't be so hopeful in the finals,for my knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to people and places.

The attitude of the Xavierites (not generalising) put me off again.One guy asked to me to get in a line.I told him that I was already in the line.He told me I was slightly off it,and that he wanted a straight line.I asked him why and he told me that it doesn't look good.That's when my patience ran out and I told him that he is not an army general and we are not doing a marchpast.The powers of people looking after queues is limited,so he couldn't do anything even if he wanted to.And a glare hardly scares me.


Prathamesh said...

nice to see a review of malhar 05.missing malhar i guess.

Agree with you abt the malhar..something which i couldnt even during my three years as a xavierite quizzer.but dont base your opinion on xavierites from the kind you encounter in assistance and security.

as for the quizzes they were pretty good upto two years back.but the present gen of quizzers,i guess have stayed away from organizing this time resulting in sub standard quizzes

Chandan said...

man, these xavierites are obsessed with this stand-in-a-straight-line tingy. they're control freaks straight from hell. btw, reminds me of General Dreedle's tight bomb patterns!