Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Thus Far at Malhar-Finals Day-1

"Could you please move from here?"
"You are blocking the passage,please go and stand behind the registration desk"
'Are you sure,cause someone sent us here because their idea was exactly the same about that place.'
"Umm..yes,please go there."

We go and stand behind the reg. desk.In readiness to register ourselves for the sports quiz we take out our ID cards.

"Excuse me,are you participants"
A question asked when I was holding out my I-card to be cross checked by the reg. desk.
'Until now,yes.'
"Could you please not crowd over here?"
'How else can I register?'
"OK please move after you are registerd"
'Don't worry.I'll be answering questions inside shortly"

We finish the reg.

"Excuse me..."

We weren't listening anymore.We had figured out that most of the Malhar security/assiatance people were robots with fixed statements and absolutely no co-ordination at all.These statements could come out at random anytime from anyone.We applied this theory to lot of robots running around,and it worked most of the times.

The quiz started an hour late.But that's OK.Time is never a factor.Unless you've something to do in the space.We had nothing to do and we are good at that.So time passed.

The first thing that comes into view is that the team names have been named after F-1 constructors.Rings a warning bell,and this wasn't even the warm up lap.Unfortunately no safety car comes out.We see Ferrari and we sit down.It was ominous considering how much I hate Schumi.

The quiz begins.It goes on well for the first few rounds.Then a visual tennis round comes up.All the obscure players only read about in fine print as you browse through the newspapers were staring right at us.I see a face,think it's Patty Schnyder.She is not.Another face,our IIT OTSE answers Patty Schnyder.Bingo! A random face and a random name match.Cruel luck for me,feel like a psychic who got just there but not there.

Next round.Olympics.Never been very keen about that.Turns out that was only the first out of back to back 4 olympics rounds.There is one question where we are to guess why a certain athelete got disqualified in a certain Olympic games.I
decide to have some fun.
"Because later it was proved that he was a man."
I laugh.The organisers laugh.The audience laughs.They all laugh partially at my answer and partially as she points out that the question mentioned that the athelete was a man in the first place!
Next question.The Xaviers team is asked why a certain athelete was disqualified in a certain event at a certain olympic games.They repeat my answer.Bingo again! I realise that I should never choose to be a psychic to earn my living.

I think we got 3-4 in this round.One of them was about picking the odd one out.I did not know the answer but went on for about 2 minutes saying whatever came to my mind justifying my choice.Turned out I threw some random terms which the quizlady considered good enough to give half the points.Rahul knew some olympic stuff so we got some others.

We hold on to a podium place during most of the quiz.Our OTSE team cracks the buzzer round.They gained mostly due to the fact that there were no negs in that round.No negs!! First signs of organising inexperince (the quizlady frequently missed passing the questions to all the teams later) come up.They just buzzed as the cariacture flashed on the screen,and guessed in the nick of time.Good thinking on their part,bad on the organisers.They introduce negs in the next round.Predictably no one takes chances.Then comes the F-1 round.

They show the picture of Mika Hakinnen sitting on top of his car on the racetrack,visibly shattered and asked the funda.I blurted out how he was leading the race,how his car got problems and he had to retire at the penultimate corner and let Schumacher through.And in the quest to be a perfectionist I add French GP when I should have said Spanish.Not the correct funda they say,just because I got the GP wrong.The quiz would have turned into a debate right then as I kept on arguing.My partner is of the sedate type.He prevented anything like this to happen.Not even worth half the points.They do promise to gives us extra points in case of a tie break.I get the humor and ask them to write that down.Wish I made them eat their words.

Next question they show the picture of Schumi crashing into the tyre barricades at Silverstone.Our OTSE gets everything right,gets the name of the corner wrong.They get half points for that.I try and draw an analogy with my mistake and theirs.Again Rahul pulls me back.Wished I had a round of debate right there.

All said and done,we qualified joint (yes the scores were tied,we didn't ask for the extra point though) first with our OTSE for the final round where 2 teams were eliminated.The build up was some 10-11 rounds and the finals had only 15 questions,ONLY 15! In case you are familiar with that no. you probably would have guessed it the same as the no. of GP to be held/held this year.Talk about obsession!! No football questions,no cricket questions and now this.It was a buzzer showdown where the teams started from scratch.We are never good at buzzers.We got 2 negs straightaway and were out of it.Our OTSE too came down after a good start and we were tied again for 2nd.Yes tied again.But we went for the tie breaker instead of bickering for that extra point.No point in doing that.This was all about sports quiz and we tried to be a sport.I knew the answer to the tie-breaker but whispered it to my team mate instead of answering the quizmaster.We lost,came 3rd.Dissapointed,dismayed and disillusioned.

The team that won was some Law college.The memebers were over-dramatic,flashy and irritating.I speak so highly of them beacuse it was one of them in the corporate quiz second rounds who struck that stupid deal I talked about in my previous post and then replied that he did it for the heck of it.But then I realise that they are going to be lawyers.They were just doing their job,rather preparing for it.

The prizes were a dampener.We got tees and wrist bands which was pathetic.I got much more even at school.

Once we got out it was back to the world of misguided robots.Rai was frustrated with the treatment meted out to him and decided to fight back.A girl came an asked us to move.We started jumping and dancing and walking to and fro.Mallu is good at that.People were amused,she wasn't.We were moving in the corridors and someone shouted instructions to stick to the walls.I shouted back if we needed to crawl on the floor and put on our gas masks.Again the crowd laughed,the orgis just made faces.A group of us were exchanging pleasantries when a girl interrupts and asks if she can help us.I turn around,look ar her in the eye for a moment and shout "NOOOOO".Taken aback she adds hastily that she is afraid we would have to move.We move all right,but in our own special way.A lot more fightbacks later,after all the arrows,all the detours and all the directions finally taking us to the exit we rush out.

Out from the madhouse again.But sadly I have to come back again tomorrow for the personality quiz finals.It's the hunger for quizzing perhaps that makes us counter all this rubbish.

And as Prathmesh pointed out I should not base my opinion on the Assistance and Security poeple.The LA people were nice actually,thankfully they were not shouting directions.Whenever they were it was just to check the buzzers or the mics.Not that my opinion really matters.

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