Friday, August 19, 2005

Thus far at Malhar-Finals Day-2

It's unimaginable how bored I get writing this.
So it's even more beyond comphrension about the fate of wandering souls who happen to read this.But just for the sake of completeness,like the assignments I manage to scrape through in time,I do this again.

This time when we reached the gates,our entire contingent had already gone in.I asked which was the participant's line

'Is this the participant's line?'
"No it's that side."
'But yesterday I went in from here'
"It's that side"

We go that side,half knowing that we will be sent back again.

"Are you a particpant?"
"Then go that side"
"Ok now I'm not,let me in."

I take the passes from Abir and go in.It doesn't matter what gate you go in from.The security asks if I have ,among other things , cigarettes.I tell that at the present moment I don't.He asks that if I can have it later.I don't smoke but I say maybe.He smiles and lets me in.The bag checking guy goes through my entire belongings.Puzzled,he asks why do I bring the bag.I show him the copy of An Equal Music I am reading,then I add that I bring the bag to carry the prizes.He thinks that's clever and lets me in.The Raga (official newsletter of Malhar) bugs me to buy a copy.I tell him I've to got 2 and if he would like to buy one.He shrugs and goes away.

I have changed my ways of dealing with people.And sometimes it works.

We wander for about an hour before I go to the MMR for the quiz.Chandan is sitting there all excited. Three teams of IIT have made it to the final five. That could only mean more boredom.

The sports quiz guy comes and tells me that they had planned 2 rounds on cricket and one on football.But time constraint prevented them from going through.I ask them why didn't time constraint prevent four back to back round of olympics.He says nothing.

The quiz begins.I don't even listen to the name of the other two teams.I am too apprehensive and bored at the same time.Chandan gets us off the blocks answering two great questions.I wake up.I answer a few more.And suddenly a team whose member believed that he was just sitting through is leading two others.Or does it show the lack of quality of other teams? Two 'speed' rounds with sissy questions mean that leads are frozen.So we enter the final rounds with the other two IIT teams.Who else?

The semi-final rounds were quite good actually.They were fast paced and had questions which on hindsight you think you should have answered.Not like some Romanian olympian you don't even want to know the name of.Much better than the Sports quiz.

The final round was a good innovation.But as always happens with untested innovations,this one had serious flaws.They had chosen 8-9 personalities on which they would ask questions.The teams had to bid on how many questions they could answer on each personality and the questions would be asked in the order of highest bidders. Min. bid was 3 questions and max. was 10. Nice idea,but perhaps they didn't realise that setting 30 questions (slightly more) on each person meant that the standard of questions would suffer a lot.And that's what happened.

While the others were answering their questions,I couldn't help but sleep.The questions varied from someone's lesbian GF's to some newspapers opinion about someone else.We managed to get hold of Jim Morison.Rabindranath,Indira,Martina Navratilova,Tintin,Saddam,Charlie Chaplin were beyond us. The audience ,whatever little was there at the beginning ,had left long ago.Bored to death.We were left to applaud each other.

Finally after what seemed like the morning 4 lectures,the quiz ended.We had no idea of the scores but turned out we were 2nd.The prizes were a joke.Four fruit juices,that too Jamun flavors.It tasted hideous and I threw it after one sip.Two shampoo bottles.That too "For Dry and Damaged hair" written on them. This all seemed like pre planned conspiracy.And four free passes to some Suraj water park.Located in Mucchala fun land.The exclamation mark of the joke,the punchline.Thank you Malhar.Thank you Xavier's.Anyone who comes asking me for a treat,I offer them a sip of jamun juice or a bathe with the shampoo.Tough choice.

And yeah,the purpose of bringing the bag doesn't go undefeated.

As always I didn't stay after my event was over.I learnt later that IITB had got third place.And I had contributed in whatever miniscule way.Felt nice.

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Prathamesh said...

I agree with you that prizes are a joke at malhar(esp as far as the quizzes go).I remember winning hair oil last malhar.and a 300 voucher of ray ban before that(where nothing costs less than 1000) among others.but nothing can beat the met cap the winning team got last yr which were also distributed for free at the gates.
As far as the defn of good getting skewed in xaviers campus.i differ with you there.i cant speak for the present batch of la organizers(i dont know most of them despite having passed out of college a few months back and being a cl only six months back).but trust quizzing/la junta at xaviers is'nt all that bad as such.
Quizzes i believe have been declining in standards.but trust me i think they would still be way better than the better known quizzes in delhi circuits.