Monday, September 26, 2005


This digresses from the normal posts I usually have,but I was so overwhelmed that I consider it necessary to do this.

Ever since I posted this about the sleep patterns,people (especially my classmates) seem to like the idea of doing such a thing.I have enjoyed experimenting with observational humor and I'm glad that people appreciate it.

So thank you everyone for pointing things I can include in my later posts.Be it the fraudy labs,the strange habits of the professors (and students too!),a humorous canteen table conversation,weird habits that people develop to make them look different and so,so many more.I have so many ideas in my mind currently that it would take an unimaginable amount of time write each and every one of them.But time is never a factor,and I love to write,so that shouldn't be a problem.Keep coming up with ideas,you have now got your own freelance journalist :)

I really appreciate the support,approval and enthusiasm shown through IM's,daily conversations and comments here.I will continue my efforts and hope that you find it worthwhile.

A special thanks to my brother and some close friends who point out the mistakes I make in my postings.Grammatical,typo or just poor structure (my bro is really ruthless on those).Feels great to know the involvement from your side.Sometimes I'm too lazy to correct them all,forgive me for that.Keep pointing my mistakes,it's more important that I learn them than correct them here.

And thanks to those who can connect to what I write,specially the new blog I just begun.I was really sentimental about my hometown and it's nice to know that my friends feel the same way too.If you can join in and contribute (friends from JSR obviously),it would be all the more special.

I will get back to the regular stuff now,with a huge on the trek in the pipelines.Just keep coming back :)

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