Saturday, September 03, 2005

Another day in Paradise?

Hindu religion has around 65 million gods.That was on the last count,dont know if new ones have been added.Sorry if I missed out on some.
The procedure of selection is not very transparent and rigorous like in Christianity where they follow a process which may take 1000 years to materialise.By that time a new Jesus could come along.Or even Islam,where there are two sects depending on the number of Gods followed.Buddhism and Jainism and Sikhism are pretty clear in this regard,though it's quite unclear who the God is.Fire,tree,book or something else.

Anyway that's belief and I'm happy with whatever makes people happy.And that includes me.

The hierarchy in IIT is pretty close to Hinduism though.The percentage conversion rate could be even better.Every other person is a God out here. You have the God of small things good at any one of acads,sports,cult etc.And thern there are God of all things.Everyone I've tried to find out from someone else,the first sentence is always the same, "Wo to GODDDD hai!! " .Minor things like knowing a few commands in Linux,finishing 25th in the cross country,or coming 5th in the inter hostel events is enough to qualify you as one.

The system of Gods is absolute in Hinduism.Here it's relative too.One person's God could be someone else's mere mortal,or even worse.Depends on the skill levels.Or the PR.An Inter-IIT medal,a position in an inter college fest,grades above 8,a foreign PT or an event manager tag immediately raise you above the mortal few who exist here.The problem is that it is assumed that those with that special tag consider it unworthy of conversing with 'mere mortals'.People (read juniors,Gods to be) start worshipping their idols and then there are wars between groups on who is a bigger God.

The lesser Gods exist at hostel levels.Who just fail to have enough firepower to take that extra step.So obviously they are idolised at hostel levels.See this as the regional Gods.Gods like Rama,Ganesha being worshipped all over India while those like Balaji and Vishwakarma in a slightly local domain.These Gods are the life and blood of intra IIT events.

There are provisions of pilgrimage too.You need apping fundaes,go to the God who has got an App from MIT.If God-of-that-magnitude is unavailable,just talk to the one who is going to Kansas or some other non ivy-school.You need to win a Dram event?-no problem,just go to that-God-who-directed-the-award-winning- play.Don't even bother to ask what award.Or what play.

I was amused at this idol worship even back in school.The system her provides constant amusement.People have such shallow ideals.Being like a God.Like that's what matters.I thought the Gods (real ones) would have been happy if we stayed human beings,good human beings.But I guess we follow a parallel religion here.

I am the atheist then in this microcosm.And no I DON'T wear that athiest-God tee shirt.

It's just another day in paradise for everyone else.

And Gods please forgive me for this one.I still believe in you.And hope for a miracle everyday.


arunabh said...

hmmm .. a highly probing research into the Gawdism(let me refer to it as such) @IITB. I went through the entire post with a mix of trepidation and curiosity.For a fleeting moment my hopes
were revived but then that was all to it.
I do not qualify to be a GAWD even at the
hostel level.But think its better to be
a part of" only mortals " at IITB as this
group is on the verge of extinction .Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.

PS: for a change i'm the first replying to a post of yours

Nikhil said...

Dude 'organistaion' is a keyword.
Remember something?

And the etc. have been carefully placed.

And thanks,nice for a change.

And yeah mortal is nice.Immortality has it's own shortcomings.Like living forever.

Phoenix said...

Well, that is quite a topic to choose!!!

I dunno, have to think about it a little deeper to express an opinion really, but I can say that at least I attribute the god-like status to very few ppl personally-one of who IS Arnav, but that's another matter.
still, like your thought process and comparison

Nikhil said...

Gnerally my mood is to ridicule people,forgetting how ridiculous I myself might be.Don't take my sarcasm too seriously.

And some people deserve their following.It's just that everone doesn't.See this as an ode to them.

Talking of strange topics to choose,expect one on "phoren training (PT) " pretty soon!

arunabh said...

kya posting ki hai yaar nikhil.
tu to sahi mein yaar GOD hai!!

Nikhil said...

You got lot of cheek to do that here. X(

But I won't delete that,although it's so easy to do that.Let freedom of expression remain.

Go on,have fun.We shall talk about it later.In person.Expect fireworks.