Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ashes are back home

" Bowlin',Shane",a last shout from Gilly and Ashes is gone for another 1.5 years.This one won't be forgotten for long though.It won't be forgotten for a very,very long time to come.

The drama.The intensity.The climax.And above all the result with England reclaiming the Ashes after 16 long years is what make it a special one.Some unbelieveable individual perforamances,sometimes against all odds make it even more unforgettable.

Warnie,ah!Don't know what will people do when he retires.I don't think I will ever like watching spin bowling again.The rotund figure taking those nonchalant steps,a final swirl at the end and then the ball doing magic.Who else can do that spell after spell,innings after innings,series after series.The fact that he rose above a troubled and highly publicised personal life to give an entirely professional performance is a lesson in itself.Forty wickets in a series,around 300 runs to add as a tailender;take a bow Shane Warne.

This series will be Freddie's though.England have found another Botham afterall.If he continues to blaze the way he did this series,Botham may well might be branded as the earlier Freddie.Gutsy with the bat,mean with ball.There is little more than a team could ask for.

It's unbelieveable to think that this was Kevin Peitersen's first test series.He showed none of those precarious debut traits that most normal players do.Counterattack,that seems to be the only word he knows.Just saw this amazing century of his where he withered the early Lee storm and launched a counter attack to take the Aussie hands far away from the urn.New generation test cricketers,none of those Boycott type I'm-gonna-sleep-at-the-wicket or I'm-never-hitting-a-six Atherton type fellows.

I liked the joke at the end that Atherton made though.KP came in to accept the man of the match prize and Atherton said to him-"You made English people forget all the mistakes you had done (ref. drop ctaches),even that haircut of yours.Let us see that for the last time."And KP takes of his cap to show the weird hairdo,with a sheepish grin on his face. :D

I'll also remember the way two of my favorite cricketers put in their bit.Brett Lee gave all that he could and more.With the bat,with the ball.Almost winning the match at Edgbaston,drawing it at Old Trafford.Coming in and bowling in at more than 90mph everytime,striving to go faster.That's why he is a favorite.
Michael Vaughan is another one of my eternal favorites.The way he batted in Australia last Ashes was something that legends are made of.Although his form wasn't that stellar during this series,the big hundred he got reaffirmed his batting genius.And the leadership he demonstrated added just an extra dimension.

A great series.Forget world cup,forget India-Pak.This is how cricket had begun and will be sustained.Already I'm longing for the next Ashes.

A pleasant surprise when my mom phoned in the evening:
Mom:What are you doing?
Mom:I'm watching the wondeful match..
Me(surprised):What match?
Mom:The Ashes of course,how come you are not watching?
Me:Of course I am,I didn't tell you becuase I thought it was synonymous to doing nothing for you.But apparently not.

She never watches the K grade soaps like most others do,mostly becuase of our sports frenzy tastes or Dad's news channel swapping spree.But I didn't expect her to watch anything but the India matches all by herself.Just goes to show..


Phoenix said...

amazing post, and yeah, amazing cricket

This has to be the greatest cricketing series of all time. I regret the fact that I havent been able to see most of it, but stll, i'm not forgetting this easy. i'm sure noone will.

Love warney, love Pieterson, love eng winning, love the cricket, love the spirit...

arunabh said...

Just goes to show .. where we stand.
Loyalties switching sides:) Or rather
being inspired to do so for the much needed
change . Someday we will also celebrate a
resurrection and not on tailormade pitches. still waiting for that elusive someday.

PS: yes yes i know i missed out on the
excitement and the media won't pardon me
for my audacity to still come up with
my rottenview.

Nikhil said...

Loyalty is much more than waving flags at cricket stadiums.I support England in Ashes and like the series better than India-Pak doesn't maen I'm not going to support India.If India play England,no doubts I'll be with India.

No change.Loyalties don't change.Even it becomes boring to do so.Win or lose I'll always be with India if that's what loyalty or patriotism means to you.

This one hurt me.I am a cricket lover first.And I don't see how nationalities come in first.I have liked watching Ashes more than anything,even if India win the world cup.

Sorry but that's what cricket means to me.Stcik to your flag waving,t-shirt wearing patriotic fervor.Let me enjoy the game.

If my mom transcends to that level,obviously it pleases me.Just goes to show..again.

arunabh said...

Did my comment call for such a prompt
and incisive dissection?? Think i goofed
up with the phrasing part. Let me put
it straight , No harm was intended and
as usual you continue to confound me.This
was unexpected and so the promptness with
which i have replied. Well haven't got
anything more to say except that i wasn't
trying to endorse the shallow patriotism which you are attributing to me.

Nikhil said...

Just goes to show .. where we stand.
Loyalties switching sides :)

Well this part,with the smiley,was a bit confusing.And open to interprations :))

Would have been much better if you hadn't used the word loyalties.Always ignites sparks.I try and show how loyal I am.even if that is by doing something as stupid as typing in a reply.

Relax,I have a knack fo finding loose ends.You gave me a big one. =))

superman said...

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