Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The day we got REALLY high (illustrated version)

Where are we heading Mr. Navigator?

As the walk begins,I seem to be asking that question.Notice the mean look on Modi's face.If you look carefully on his t-shirt,it says "Go F*** yourself".No wonder he looks mean.

Enough pictures,we walking away

Raka tries to capture every moment of the trek even as we walk away.We have a trek to focus on.

The first base

We climb over Naneghat!! OK,OK it's just the sign indicating the base camp.

HOT and WET!!!

Mishra falls into the brook as we cross it.And gets all wet in the process.Still manages a smile though.That's becuase we are laughing our heads off in the background.

Look behind me

Gulti poses in front of the cliff we have to climb.Seems really intimidating then.Both Gulti and the cliff.

We give up!!

Sabka give up ho gaya.Notice how I'm not in the picture.Because I don't give up :D

Don't look at me like that

I manage to smile,but just for the camera.We always do that.

Men on top

Raka smokes the moment away.Modi looks mean again.Jassu joins him in looking mean,or he is just angry that he didn't get the sutta :D

The pass

It's the pass Naneghat is famous for.Built in the Pre-christian era,this takes us into a different world.(taken from the link in the previous post)

Hangin' on the edge

Gulti shows us a Hindi movie stunt by hanging on to a tree on the edge.
WARNING:This stunt has been performed by highly untrained amateur.All the more reason not to try it at home or anywhere else.

On cloud nine

With just one hour of sleep going into the trek,no wonder I'm feeling sleepy.

Aww..Look at us!

Modi and Laddoo get cuddly-cuddly.For once Modi doesn't look mean.Maybe this is what he was looking for.

Livin' on the edge

Jassu and Raka show us what that phrase is all about.

On a high

This time gulti feels the smokin' moment.We are just passive.

Time for acknowledgements at the end.

A big thank you to:

1.GOD,for creating a thing so beautiful.
2.Gulti,Raka,Modi,Jassu,Laddoo and Mishra for making these moments unforgettable
3.The shepherds and dwellers and benevolent trekkers for showing us the right way and offering us water and food.
4.Jethro Tull and The Who for keeping me entertained as I wrote these 2 long posts.

Thank you all.


Phoenix said...

Hey grt pics...
looks like fun!:)

Anonymous said...

nice description..but im not sure abt the mean luk>? and put up that tree pic,if u have space..and haan wen do we plan our nxt adventure.

Nikhil said...

[phoenix] Thanks,it was great fun.

[anon dost]Abe of course I was kidding.Do I have to tell that?
And when do we plan the next adventure?At 2.30 in the morning of the day we want to go :P

jaspreet said...

btw,that was from me