Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dear Hansie

Dear Hansie,

We miss you out here.Ironically the people who threw you out also do.But you know they can't accept that publicly.It's the month you left us,and I chose to remember you on the very first day.

I have read 'Hamlet',and I know that you can recite that by heart.I have read 'Julius Caesar' too.But a tragic hero like you is impossible to find.And you were for real.I can't forget the look on your face when your team was declared losers in the '92 world cup after the rains disrupted your match against England.Then '99 was another heart break.And believe me,we cried with you.You might have seen the '03 incident too.And I know you would have been feeling equally crestfallen where ever you were.

I saw you cry at the King's comission testimony and I felt a lump in my throat.You said it was "an unfortunate love of money... I am not addicted to alcohol or nicotine, but I believe this is very similar to an alcohol problem." Aren't we all addicted to money ? You said it was "greed, stupidity and the lure of easy money" and claimed "I was arrogant enough to think I would get away with it". I know this can't be explained but couldn't they forgive you and let you on? For all that you had done? There are so many people who are misled from the right path,but they are given at least one chance to redeem themselves.Politicians in India do that on a regular basis.Are we following double standards here? Was your crime too heinous to be forgiven?

I remember your appearance on a MTV show where you sung your favorite song which went like this:

And then a hero comes along,
With the strength to carry on,
And you cast your fears aside,
And you know you can't survive.
So when you feel like hope is gone,
Look inside you and be strong,
And you'll finally see the truth,
That a hero lies in you.

Why didn't you listen to this before giving into your addiction? And why didn't you follow this after things went wrong?

Who else will hit Murali for 4 sixes in an over when follow on is looming large? Who else will have the leadership and guile to guide an average team to victory in
India? Who else will just slog swipe any spinner that dared to dominate? Who else would just come in with his straight swinging deliveries and break partnerships?No one but you.

You had an unfinished dream.The dream to lift the World Cup.Why did you let an aberration come into the way? You can't answer this question and you didn't.But we can't stop asking.Why did you do it? And why did you leave us with an unfinished answer?

If you chose to come back in a different incarnation,come to India.We need leaders of men like you.And you will get enough money not to get misled.You must be thinking that it's our country that started all the trouble.I must tell you that places like ours which are sentimental about cricket are very unforgiving.See what happened to Azhar,Jadeja and some others.Why couldn't you figure that out early enough?

Anyway I loved you for your cricketing life and will continue doing so.Whatever you did in your personal life,which unfortunately was linked to cricket,wont stop me from being a fan of the way you played.

I will celebrate the life rather than mourn the death of a cricketer.



Phoenix said...

I've never seen a bigger fan of Cronje in my life...Even I used to love his cricket, his captaincy.

Just like I loved Jadeja's game, his spirit.
Unfortunately, some faults cannot, and should not be forgiven. They are precedents!

Still, I choose to celebrate the heroism and the legend rather than mourn over a befallen hero!

PS do u always post sooo many posts in a day!

Nikhil said...

Oh no,usually these things remain as a draft.In my mind or otheriwse.Lectures are boring enough to figure out what I am going to write.

So that's the way it turns out.

Thanks for taking the time to reply on so many posts of mine :) .Especially considering your exams must be going on.

Anonymous said...

One word ... Touche :)


Phoenix said...

Yeah, it's just that I'm max jobless during exams..with everybody busy studying, ppl like me who have no enthu for studying, don't find anyone to chat randomly and with books out, theonly way to avoid sleeping all the time is the comp..and nice blogs like this!

Nikhil said...

Same here.My exams are not that far away.

But unlike you,I don't avoid sleep.I sleep like I've never going to sleep agai.

I find sleep as the easiest solution to the tension,frustration and all other attributes that are synonymous to exams.

In fact I woke up to write this,and I'm going off to sleep again.

arunabh said...

"aut mortuis nihil bene" but i still believe
that once a crook , always a crook.

Phoenix said...

I don't really "avoid" sleep.It's just that IIT has turned me into a nocturnal, insomniac.
My normal sleep while in hostel is strictly less than 5 hours a day, though I sleep like hell if I step at home.
during exams I keep falling semi-asleep ever five minutes, and i hate to study without concentration, so I just don't!

which yr/dep are you in, btw?

Nikhil said...

The world thinks that my friend.But look back on the joys when he was not a crook.As I said my point was to celebrate the life rather than mourn the death of a cricketer,a cricketer's soul.

You don't believe in redemption,do you.We all have made mistakes and will continue doing so (I'm sounding like Sania here :P).He was just a symbol of what goes wrong.In the TIME magazine essay contest the guy who wrote that Hitler was the most influential man of the century won.I leave it to you to interpret.

I still love Azhar.He wouldn't have sold those 3 centuries for all the money in the world would he? We all make mistakes.It's these people who remind us not to repeat them.(Don't say anything anything about Azhar or another soul from IITD would spring into action here,my bro's wrath will fall upon thee :D )

Another one from Einstein:"There is no problem in making mistakes,the problem lies in repeating them".

Waise don't disturb an obituary,we can discuss this the next time we meet.Saale kisi ka eulogy me jayega to mat bolna "The man as I knew him....was a crook to be honest" ,even if he was! Kuch to courtesy hota hai.

Nikhil said...

3rd,Meta.No future I know,especially with an unenviable academic record as mine.So enjoying the present :D

Since there is no meta in IITD,I know you are safe.So what about you?

Arnav said...

The post almost made me cry. I would have cried if I was a cricket fan. But even I remember feeling that Cronje had been dealt too heavy a hand considering all that he had done for South African cricket. Actually that whole controversy put me off from cricket, and I wasn't a huge fan to begin with.

You are probably the only one who makes blog-posts faster than me.

arunabh said...

on a lighter note your comment reminds me
of " The Orator ".NO NO i'm not trying to
remind you of the horrors that you faced
last semester. n how much i wanted to
dwell on azhar?? and how difficult i'm finding it to curb my sentiments. ok Hansie