Monday, September 05, 2005

one night @ the call center

In case you are wondering what sort of corny title is that,think no more.It's the name of the new book (yes a book!!) by Chetan Bhagat,the king of college fiction (fps WAS fiction,although many of my friends still see it as autobiographical).The writer of Five Point Someone is back.If this is a sequel then it will send chills down the spines of real five point someones =)) .Did they end up in a CALL CENTER ,of all places?? Suspense,suspense!

I have these strange little overcurious queries about things.One of those was to see if authors actually replied to their guestbook entries.Although I had an initial interest in his first book 'Five Point Someone',because afterall it was about IIT,the entire enthusiasm vanished once I read that book.But the initial fervor motivated me enough to scribble in the guestbook and make him my guinea pig of sorts. The reply came back in a day or two. Thanked me,was oh-so-nice to me and then subtley slipped in a request asking to popularise the book through word of mouth (or click of mouse,whatever).I did that solely because I hadn't read that book.After I read it,I followed up with even more publicity.This time of a negative kind though.

I'm bringing that up because I found this mail in my inbox today:

Dear All,

This email goes out to a special group of people - those that personally made the effort to write to me about "Five Point Someone".

I am pleased to share with you the limited release website of my second book which will release next month. The website is only for my readers, well wishers and their friends as of now. This time the topic is totally different - call centers. The book is called "one night @ the call center".

The link is:

the password is 463

Yes, you can (and please do) share the password with your friends.

I thank you once again for your mails to me. I know I have not been able to reply to all of you yet - mainly because of the huge workload associated with the second book's release. I apologize for the same. However, rest be assured that I have read all your mails, some of them more than once. On days I am feeling down, it is your mails that keep me going.

Lots of love,

Boy,they still haven't forgotten me.And they try and make me feel all proud and sentimental that I am a part of the select few who got this mail! Maybe they didn't,but I hated that book so I presume they did.

The masala filmi type first book ensures that I'm not going to read this one.But I respect this guy's business sense.Bring out a book on IIT,everyone will read it.And they did.The 'catchy' storyline made sure it became popular among the students.A bit like "Catcher in the Rye",every not so sucessful student started seeing it as his story.This added to the success.He sold a story,and we bought it.Then tried to live it.

Now he brings another one on call centres.Huge reading market to tap considering the number of BPO employees.Obvioulsy everyone will try and see what's it all about.The storyline (I'm presuming here) will have the same sort of effect.Another point scored.

As a vague acceptance of his superior money earning skills (I still have none),I publicise his book yet again.Not reading it though,not this time.Which is good for him considering that there won't be any more negative publicity if I did read it.

One thing I couldn't figure out was why the preview site is password protected? Any explanations?

Stop Press:I gathered courage enough to read the excerpt and I didn't like it.
Six people. One night. Call Center. Call from God. The phrases keep repeating in my head.They begin to irritate me now,and I don't want to know the suspense.Good luck to those who do find out.Hope you get a call from God.


Phoenix said...

i checked the link out.
somehow am not too excited about it. FPS was a hype, and the disappointment has perhaps left traces.So i dont have much enthu about this one. not yet.

Nikhil said...

Maybe you didn't like FPS beacuse it was a guy's perspective,that too a five pointer :P

My reasons for hating that book would be more genuine and unbiased you see :D

Seriously speaking,don't read that book.I begin my negative publicity right here.

Anonymous said...

oi ncj! tu kaisa hain bey. FPS was good fun. its one of the few books i've finished in one sitting for quite sometime now (albeit on a train with no one to talk to :).)

anyway point being, not every book has to be a classic. timepass masala books are sometimes good fun.

and just for the record, its not like i'll ever put FPS on a list of my favs :) get the picture.

- krishna