Wednesday, September 07, 2005

People are strange when you're a stranger

Some people I'm wary of.Rather too afraid to go and talk to them.Lest I make make fun,they feel bad.Or I get beaten up and I feel bad.

  • People with tattoos and body piercing-Anyone who can give that much pain to themselves to look..well..different can be pretty dangerous.So I stay away.

  • People having pink pencil,pen,slippers and other color coded stuff-If the people in question are schoolgirls,it's understandable.Girls,OK considerable but what about boys who do this?Can't talk to them.

  • People who wear trousers so low that the underwear brand is visible-What's the point in doing this? Look I got branded undies? Or pink undies? Or pink branded undies?

  • People wearing sunglasses in shade and feeling good about it-The equivalent for such situation would be standing in the shade with an umbrella.And you won't want to disturb such a mind.

  • People having their favorite books as "Who moved my cheese" or even better "You can win"-Slight difference of opinion.I would rather not bring that to the fore.

  • People who have the words 'cute' in their dictionary-I'm afraid,they can use it against me anytime. (think Monty Python and "the knights who say 'nee' ")

  • People who talk more than 1 hour on phone-I'd rather call them up than meet them.

  • People who go to corny chat rooms and add cornier friends on Orkut-Have we stooped to this now? Or is it normal?
  • People from north India who have spoken hindi all their life talking to similar other people in English,made up English-If learning be the motive,I understand.Anything else,beyond my comprehension.Probably that's why my English is soo bad.I will do the same now.

  • People who love "Titanic" and similar movies-They might start singing "My heart will go on" and that scares me.Had a rough experience with that song,when in a school event a particular year every girl team that came up sung that.A boy team tried doing that but the audience ran away.Sean Penn had once said that half the people are fleeing Canada because of Celine Deon.I think it's people who try to be Dion who are bigger threats.

  • People who talk about life,love,friendship and get SMS's that explain the same-Don't blame me.Blame Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart.They have brainwashed me,my sentiments,my emotions.Now that they have,I can't stand these these things.

I'm out of things to say,but this is a dynamic post.A lot of additions will be there as and when I find people to run away from.Suggestions of course are most welcome.Just like my Orkut about me.


Handa said...

lemme go n check ur orkut profile

Anonymous said...


This is going to be my last comment on any blog. Seems like my language is a major issue with people. My comments have been misconstrued again.
I am a very big fan of Jon Stewart. Cant you notice that from my liberal slant?
Read the line again: For those who think blogging is being taken way too seriously, and Jon is a funny man(conceded!),......

Being a fan however doesnt mean you cant disagree.
You write rather well, but again I find a contradiction.Having said yourself that you see no problem with anonymous postings unless they are rants you talk of the Ultra Right. Is my post in any way Partisan Hackery? I am trying a reasoned line to the best of my efforts.

It is my sincere belief that it is the argument and not the credibility of the person behind it that should be discussed. It is a cause of the abyss in political discourse that we see now. In India as well as in the US.

Arnav disappoints me, and I dont mind calling superficiality by name. The point is not the scale of the disclosures( I am not under illusion.... blah blah , and you are attaching way too imporatnce, please refrain et al)
The point is that the very reason these incidents are known are because of their profile in history. They lay a basis for many more such unsung events. I could list them but I seriously risk being called a pedant and its too much of an emotional drain.
Reprisal wasnt a reason for Nehru using Chanakya or the federalist papers. It was judgement or rather the fear of it. Writing should be taken on merit and so should art and every performance rather than weighing in the creators reputation.
Why do two people have to know each other prior to a virtual exchange of ideas? I see no logical argument behind it. Its a fallacy. Ad hominem.

Nikhil said...

Aww..Sorry.Apparently language was a problem here!

I thought you were identifying me as someone who thought Jon as funny as in : "For those who think blogging is being taken way too seriously, and (think that...)Jon is a funny man".Viewing this under the new light,more than half my grudges are settled with you.I was taking a "hack me but don't hurt Jon stance" there,which was foolish I concede.But you don't know how big a fan I am,otherwise you would understand that very well.

All I can say about the issues you were trying to raise there is that people have different faces in front of different people and at different times.We put on a different mask each time.My own brother has alleged me of doing that.He says the difference in standard of my posts and replies to people is pathetic.And then he compares my brain in those replies to that of a 3 year old.

The only thing I could say in defence was that I can't deal with people in that blatant a manner.Superfluos,that very necessary thing.You don't say someone you are being dumb and moron,you just play along.Most of the times I've done that.Maybe others have to do the same.

I am too undecided on that anonymous thing.I was taking a funny approach,when I said that thing which you mistook you as being ultra rightist.But maybe yes,you don't need to know the person but his views.But if you see the situation there,you can afford to be candid and honest in your replies,while he can't.Too many people know him to let that pass.A sense of dignity maybe,but these be the ways of the world.See his transformation as a change in style.You know enough to recall the style in which Orwell wrote Animal Farm and 1984.And how the political agenda was exact opposite in both cases.

You write much better than I do.You know much more than I do.So keep on writing,though in a slightly moderate and understanding tone.Too good a talent to be wasted.

Hope to see you around.

Arnav said...

Will have to go through your Orkut profile now.
I would agree with almost all points, except the 'cute'-waala point. I have similar issues with people using 'cool', so I can understand it though. But how can I help it if cute is the word that comes to my mind when I see a cuddly puppy trying to walk straight and falling down after a few steps and then getting up again...give me another word for it, and I'll join the anti-'cute' party.
In fact, I made a similar list sometime back, and people made fun of me that it was a girlie thing to do. So am understandably glad to see another list here :)

Nikhil said...

Hmm..'cute' puts me in a fix again!

OK forgetting all the bad experiences I have had with that word,I concede that I can't find a better word to describe the situation you mentioned.(I thought 'dumb',but that's just dumb of me).But please restrict this to dogs and cats and rabbits and whatevers.With human beings it doesn't sound good.

'Cool',well yes I find that annoying too.But I use it more often to annoy others,so I can't take it out of my armor yet.

A girly list? You haven't seen a girly list.Imagine all the questions you ever answered in a pink slam books having spice girls on it's cover during schooldays.Imagine and shudder.I had the misfortune of filling a few of them,but then I figured a way around.


superman said...

i'm scared to approach lil' nasty children
wearing "shaktiman" dresses when they
should be aware of the fact that they have
someone better to emulate - the SUPERMAN

Anonymous said...



- krishna

Yohan said...

Hey. YOu're blog is looking damn cool. I can say that all these feature on my extended hate list too.

I can finally ask someone this: how did you change the background pic and title pic of your blog?