Friday, September 23, 2005

The Road Ahead

The exams are over.This means I can-

1.Pull the shades,switch off the lights,lie on my bed,close my eyes and listen to Baba O' Riley over and over and over in a loop.And smile when these lines come up-

The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let's get together
Before we get much older

Keep listening and then sleep.Without any worries.

2.Think,think,think.Write,write,write.Think and write,write and think.Right or wrong,just write.Just think.And sleep.

3.Play football.Barefooted on wet concrete,on a muddy field with sneakers on or the lush green main ground with footballing shoes.Just doesn't matter.Just play wherever,whenever I get a chance.

4.Resume my prolonged attempt to learn swimming properly.Get up early in the morning and run to the pool in the diffused light with raindrops falling on my head.Then swim with heavy rain falling.Has a great cleansing effect.

5.Go to Sameer hill top on weekends.Just run to the top and soak in the fresh air.Feast my eyes on the almost union of the two beautiful lakes with mountains covering them on all sides.Mountains of earth or mountains of concrete,doesn't matter.Feel blown away by the high winds standing with hands stretched out on the edge.Forget dope.THIS is the meaning of getting high.

6.Read,read a lot.Read whatever I can lay my hands on.During lectures,after lunch,before sleeping.Anywhere,anytime.

7.Watch Jon Stewart clips,Monty Python scenes,Seinfeld episodes for the millionth time.Just whatever makes me laugh.Then laugh hard.

8.Figure out what else needs to be done.

Just thinking about my daily routine in summer,can't beat that:

Wake up at 6.
Run to the basketball court,play for 1 hour.
Rush to the swimming pool,have a blast.
Come back,sleep,wake up and watch Seinfeld,West Wing or some select movies.
Play TT whenever time permitted.
Read in between.
Play cricket sometimes from 2-4.
Have tiffin,play football for 1.5 hours.
Come back,watch French Open,NBA repeats,Wimbledon or live cricket,confed cup soccer,F1 or whatever sport was on TV.
Get exhausted and go to sleep.

Glory days,wonder when will get that kind of time again :(

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