Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sania's view on Islam

Here is the source of the article.Just an excerpt,very interesting point of view I must say.

Despite her huge popularity at home, Mirza has been criticised by some people for baring flesh in her tennis gear.

The 18-year-old said she was no different to anyone else.

"No Muslim is perfect and no human being is perfect," she said.

"I guess I'm not dressing the way Islam states but I guess we all make mistakes and that's why Islam has forgiveness."

Hmm...Making mistakes and forgiveness.Hinduism has a Ganges bath for that.

The question is how sinister a crime is forgiven? How much can you go ahead with without repenting?

Wearing tennis apparel is not a crime that needs explaining,but I guess she was being funny.Jokes and religion hardly go together,especially with a religion so misinterpreted as her's.Glad that everyone sees this as a joke.


Phoenix said...

how sinister a crime is forgiven?

It's again a case of morality being relative. It's about what you choose to define as a crime, and how sinister is it acc to u. I don't see her as a criminal. Individuality is everybody's right. She can choose to express her whichever way she likes. I choose to accept her right. If I don't, i'm nobody to govern someone else's sensibilities...


Nikhil said...

Obviously even I don't see her as a criminal,wearing tennis apparel is hardly a crime.

I was just viewing her comment in a wider perspective.

Tolerancce,but how much?Levels are different.Depends which level are we on.

arunabh said...

Ah!! you know this is a topic close to my
heart.Don't get me wong ..its not Sania Mirza but her comments . Could not resist the temptation to comment .Go ahead with a few postings similar to this and you will have the ayatollah khomeinis baying for your blood.Given the taboos involved, the
lady wud be better advised to let only the
balls bounce :)

Nikhil said...

Mere khilaf 'fatwa'?
Abe hoga bhi to Sania ke liye na..I just brought up the topic.Innocent.

Waise fatwa would be cool.Salman Rushdie aur mere me kuch to common hoga :D

Agar Padma Lakshmi common hoti to I culd do with that,but in absence of better alternative yehi sahi :))

Phoenix said...

Tolerancce,but how much?Levels are different.Depends which level are we on
Again. Relativity.

(Gosh!Einstein WAS a geius!!!:D)

arunabh said...

"innocent" another relative term . For us(
atleast for me you are 100% innocent for
dwelling on this topic) U r innocent but u
never know the ways of this world. aur
agar fatwa nikalta bhi hai to u r in the
city of " iron man" bal thackeray. tu bach
gaya. Likhta jaa. inshaallah ( sorry wasim bhai for lifting ur favourite) fatwaa
zarror niklega