Monday, September 05, 2005

So long Sania

I wouldn't have written this had I not seen what I saw today.Infact Dhoni's innings and Kimi's fightback meant a lot more to me today.But I won't write about them.That would be saved for 'dear diary' blogs.This was unique.

I have a reputation of being a sports fanatic here.Something I don't deny being.Probably no one can watch golf,rugby and ice hockey with equal joy as cricket,basketball and F1 as I do.Having so much idle time helps,but at least this is better than the virtual computer games.So I wasn't surprised when I received a large number of queries about the starting time of the match.Of course I didn't disappoint them,but the volume of such requests started to bemuse me.People who I hardly associated with watching a tennis match were talking abot Sania and Maria.That's hype for you.And beauty.

I walk into the lounge after the Hewitt-Dent match,soemthing I couldn't watch entirely due to academic comittments (read last minute assignment cogs).And there are more than 50 people packed in that small area! Shouting,making cat calls,whistling and clapping.This was unprecedented for a tennis match.Cricket draws such crowd occassionaly,football does it sometimes but this was a new one.

Every shot is being cheered.The blazing forehands and backhands of Sania.The breathtaking returns of Maria.The faults that Maria makes or the winners Sania scores.But the shots that draw the most applause are the close-in camera shots.Of Maria bending down to serve or Sania jumping in anticipation to receive the serve.Now,NOW the motive is crystal clear. :))

But I guess whatever it takes to make the game more popular.So every little girl that picks up a racket today is aiming to be like Sania,or Maria for that matter.If their idols can play well and look good at the same time and be conscious of both the facts,there is noting like that.Just an extra dimension to the game.

Meanwhile Sania loses.Nobody expected her to win.Except those who were watching a tennis match for the first time.I'm sure this won't be their last.

I tell them about the Hantuchovas,Golovins and the still to be popular divas.They seem excited enough to watch.So WTA owes me a lot for publicity.Sometimes there is more to the game than you can imagine!


Phoenix said...

Whichever way, whatever the motives, in the end it's good, for the game at least!
That's sufficient for me. A little 'interest' in sports among the masses hurts noone.Maybe the 'more' bit about the game is all that sports in india needs.
Or maybe i'm being too hyper about it.
I dunno.

Nikhil said...

No no,you're not being hyper.

Yes whatever it takes,it's good for the game in the end.

At least I feel the same.