Thursday, September 01, 2005


I come back from the class to check the mail and newsgroups and this is what I see on iitb.general:
Hi junta ,

Last night one of friend got a warning from the Police jeep which was
roaming around in the campus that not to wander alone in the night because
ther are terrorist in the powai area and possibly in our very own campus!!

Can anyone confirm the matter ?

Till then all the nocturnal iitians should be careful while they out in
the campus in the night.

-Vipin Kumar

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)

What next?

And about this concerned chaps suggestion not to go alone,it doesn't make sense does it? If these guys plan to blow some place away,being alone or in groups of hundred won't make difference.Unless you have damage minimisation in mind.

If only George Bush were reading this.I would love to see some B2 bombers around here. :D


Phoenix said...

Already you guys have so much I envy IITB for..lakes, panthers, hilltops, a pseudo-forest, good hostels, Mood-I..huh!

Now you added terrorists and excitement to the list!!!!!

How I wish I took admission not in iitd but there. Life would have got something more to look forward to.

Dangers, I believe, are easily the most inspiring concepts on earth. They make us fall in love with living!

Nikhil said...

You look forward to being chased by panthers,gobbled up by crocodiles,drowning in the floods and bombed by terrorists?

You never know what gets added to that list.I could have mentioned profs. but that threat even you must be experiencing :D

And about the hostels.I've been to IITD so may times and visited almost all hostels,except the girl's one of course.The hostels are no better than the normal ones here.This one hostel shouldn't change your opinion since all of us don't get to live here (I do though).

If I stay in proper shape until I pass out,consider that an achievement :D

ps: you said Mood-I going by heresy,or you have actually been here?

Phoenix said...

I'm normally in Bombay during Dec, for some work. Last time I was a bit too busy, so missed a lot of it:(. and then the rock show got cancelled!!!

But this time round, I plan to be there as much as possible...

anyway, I love adventurous and dangerous things..:D. this Jan, I was in IITB bugging my frnds to climb right to the hill top in the noon heat, and then walkin right upto the lakeside immediately after. and of crse I cursed the poor guy for the absence of panthers in thw winter season.:))))

ther est, well, pls dont mention the profs.:P U stay in H-12/13? cool. IITD girls hostels, esp the one in which I live, is easily the worst.

Nikhil said...

Great!! I (and a few friends) have a high frequency of visiting the hill top.We do that every time we can and during the vacations it went upto 4 times a week!!

I plan to continue that trend if I decide to stay back for MI.So maybe you'll see me at the hill top,staring into the void,if you come that often :D .Add the 'tourist spot' Hostel-13 to your itenary.Only thing it's worth of.I can show you the inside view if I'm around.

And about staying in H-13,things aren't as rosy as they seem.I could have discussed that,but it's beyond the scope of this space.Another one of the social dilemmas,I would rather not discuss that in public.

And it's not like you'll walk here and see panthers running around :))

Phoenix said...

I know that. But I wish for rendezvous with a croc/panther soon!

P.S. To see a live example of my coaching abilities in speaking skills, notice your own replies to my comments, length and content wise;)

Wat's ur messenger id btw, if that is a "suitable" space acc. to you!!!