Saturday, September 24, 2005

What happens next?

She has dropped her books.She's bending to pick them up.What happens next?

This here is Tanushree Dutta.The ex-Miss India and now a bollywood actress.Both these terms are confusing and interchangeable these days.The prize for Miss India crown should be made an offer in a Bollywood flick.That would save a lot of trouble and time.Anyway that's not what concerns me now.I would not have known of her,let alone seen her movie,if it wasn't for one common thread that binds us.Hometown as Jamshedpur.

You may not recognise her by face.This would be highly unsurprising considering she had so much else on offer in her pathetic first movie Aashiq Banaya Aapne.I wouldn't have cared that she is branded the next sex symbol who would usurp the Malika Sherawats in days to come,or she is someone who goes on screen saying she is all comfortable with 'bold' and steamy scenes,or claim that there is nothing wrong with what she did on screen.I wouldn't have bothered but for the small town fraternity that comes in between.Especially since I have partly witnessed the frenzy associated with her rise to fame back home.

Go back a year.She was hailed as the biggest thing to have happened in Jamshedpur.(Priyanka Chopra had that tag earlier as her birthplace is Jamshedpur.But her poor geography where she placed Jamshedpur in the western part of India when asked about it,took the sheen away from her).She was welcomed warmly in her school DBMS where she studied till 10th and little girls ran up to her saying their dream is to be like her.She was the queen of the town.The school principal had this to say:

Principal Prema Balasubramanium said: “Tanushree was not only a beautiful girl, she was good in studies as well. She was always willing to take up any task assigned to her with full zest.”

Wonder why always studies come in between things.She didn't need to study to be doing this.Neither do people for whom she is doing this.But I guess this is stereotypical.

It amuses me to think of the situation now.Would the then smitten mothers still allow their little kid girls to emulate her? Would the principal watch her movie,and that song and that kiss and still say that all those were principles infused in her by the school ethics? There is a professional side I know,but I don't see how people would take her now,being so psuedo moral that they are in small towns.

This is how they felt about the movie back home.Very predictable.

How do I feel? Nothing,I feel nothing.Just feel bad that people back home are let down.High hopes.

Rajeev,me and few others from Jamshedpur are on a mission these days.Not letting anyone watch this movie.Unless they somehow find out that she is from Jamshedpur and somehow blame that poor little place for such an acting fiasco.So it's not about Tanushree,it's about Jamshedpur.

Wonder what will happen when she will visit town and her school again.And I won't be watching her other movie Chocolate or whatever it is.And they tell me it's a rip off of 'The Usual Suspects'.All the more reason not to watch.(TSU was good).

For those few who don't know what happens next in the snap I posted,watch the movie in slow motion at around 5.00 minutes.My advice,don't blink.

Photo courtesy the highly dedicated movie watchers who took the screenshot frame after frame after frame.Not me of course.Don't ask me for the next in sequence,at least not here.


arunabh said...

What happens next is what is likely to be the trend in the movies to come featuring "ambitious " actresses. Move
aside Janet Jackson , here comes Tanushree Dutta.Btw for the ardent
followers of the Jamshedpur "beauty"
, you should have put the link of her
crazy fan's blog in the posting.That
would have definitely gone a long way
in furthering a Jampot's cause.

Nikhil said...

I thought she was famous enough not need publicity from me :P

Waise bol diya hai to here are the sites:

And don't blame/flame me for what you see there.

arunabh said...

i just checked wordweb for the
meaning of jampot.
1.A jar for holding jellies or preserves
But you know what i meant:(
A big loose end again left open to

Nikhil said...

are nahi re =))

main cricket ke liye senti hoon iske liye nahi :)

waise nice thing you pointed out,wicked double meaning.

Handa said...

mere dost log to bole ki jab tak wo jam main thi koi use bhaav nahin deta thaa... as in these ppl used to go to her colony for "bird-watching" but were more interested in some other girls.

Umesh said...

hey nikhil... just dropped by ur blog... and myself being a jampot guy (that too frm DBMS) got lured to write back :)
which batch u guys were frm?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikhil,

Being a Jamshedpuria..i agree with you....and ur thoughts

Geetika said...

Hey Nikhil,
I, too, am from Jampot or Jsr. or Tatanagar or call it whatever you will. Reading your post and the comments from other fellow Jamshedpurians made me feel quite nostalgic.
BTW, there are quite a few folks from our hometown who are going places in the glam world! A big achievement for a small town, what say?