Monday, October 31, 2005

Diwali for Indians,halloween for Lankans

Bring on all the milk jokes,he won't mind.As long as he drinks 2 glasses and then makes the opposition look like cows running on the green grass.
Think Diwali,the firecrackers came early for India.Some special rockets-10 of them,and all of them had firebrand Dhoni stamped all over them.The disdain and authority with which he hits is beyond belief.There are other hitters too,just yesterday I saw Kemp hit Shane Bond out of the ground for probably the biggest six I've ever seen,and I've seen many.He hit that 6 when his team needed 9 to win from the final over.And of course he hit the next ball for 4.That was different.So was KP's bludgeoning of Oz attack or Freddie's massacre,and Gilly's riot of runs.They all manage to look graceful,bookish sometimes,sometimes.This man doesn't care.He holds the bat like a mace and is ruthless as you would expect a mace holder to be.You don't get 183 from 140 odd balls just like that.Or hit 10 sixes just like that.10 sixes,huh,that could be the number entire Indian team hits in series,without Dhoni that is.His only method is that he has no methodat all.What else could probably explain this onslaught with the weirdest backlift and follow-through where his bat comes from as high as his chest to as high as his head-all while hitting the ball.No need to wonder where the power comes from.
Now think Halloween,and Dhoni's blue uniform could be the scariest uniform that the Lankans would have seen any halloween,and the ghost of this innings would haunt them for I don't know how many more halloweens.This could scare anyone.

The summer before last,while I was back home in Jamshedpur,there was a Ranji match of Jharkhand vs. Kerala at Keenan stadium.I wanted to see that match,all because I had heard that a certain wicketkeeper batsman called Mahendra Singh Dhoni was making waves all over and was on the verge of a first team place.I asked my friends to accompany me,but as expected I got the dude-who-goes-for-a-local-match look.I wasn't disheartened though.I went and managed to catch the major part of his 47 ball 94 against Tinu Yohannan and co.,and I had a feeling back then that I would see innings like this on TV,from him.Come the Pakistan series and I saw that Dhoni mode when he scored 148 off 124.Today he just went one level higher.And I feel lucky that I just caught a rising star while he was still rising.And feel proud that a small town boy from Jharkhand is having his day in the sun.And I just pray that he has many more such moments.

Now to quote my Yahoo! status message:

Jai Dhoni!!!! Jai Jharkhand!!!!


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