Monday, October 03, 2005

India Quiz-The Indian Way

We just concluded the India Quiz which was an open,intra IITB event.The questions were kept moderately tough to easy,especially slightly easy in the eliminations to encourage participants and participation (Easy as per the seasoned quizzer's perspective,every quiz is tough for me :P).The number of whom has been decreasing exponentially lately.Whether it did that or not,was very hard to judge,but at least we tried.As Chandan (the Lit secy) told me,even some profs were enthusiastic to take part,which probably was a good sign.Not neccessarily useful though.

Anyway Matty did all the hard work of setting the questions and preparing the slides,I just helped him in parts.I suggested the megaconnect (what else) as an option and he came up with an even better idea.Three levels were prepared,1st in which there was a connect after every 2 questions,2nd level in which there was a connect after every 3 (with hint slides in between) and third level in which there was a connect after all 6.I did the 3rd level with a question on Indian cricket,the motivation of which I got while browsing through Sunny Days,a book I have read thrice already and it counts as my favourite non-literary book.Some questions were changed or modified so that the questions and the connect weren't too boring and at least everyone would get the normal questions.The connects for all other levels were cracked pretty easily either by audience or the teams,but it was surprising that my question had no right connect.Maybe it was too arbitrary.

Matty also came up with the nice idea of 'Indianising' the quiz.He suggested both of us whould wear kurtas to the quiz.So I took out my Khadi kurta;old,rugged and wrinkled-it looked straight out from Gandhiji's charkha.A fiiting jayanti tribute from our side.The usual rock or classical or popular hindi music generally played at quizzes was replaced by Gandhi's favorite Vaishanava Jan and Raghupati Raghav,which were not available on the LAN and I reached the venue late in order to download them off the net.The best Indian touch though was the background used in the PPT,it looked so good on the big screen.Well done Matty,I learned a lot from you.Maybe I will use it when I set some quizzes.

The 'sedate quizzer' Lath (don't rub it in again :D) and his not so sedate partner (not me this time :D) MalaD won it in the end,pretty easily so.

Here's the original Megaconnect,it was pretty tough to set questions on such famous people but I tried my best.One of them is taken from an XLRI quiz I attended in school,2 from anecdotes in Sunny Days and the rest from biographies of players on Cricinfo and other places.The connect is an original :D
Here we go:

1.Famous cricket journo John Laker's idea of Heaven: "Lord's in the summer, the sun shining, with ____ _____ bowling at one end and Ray Lindwall at the other".Just fill in the blank.

2.When Waqar younis made his test debut,there was another player who was playing his first test match in the same test.Who? (I know this is very,very easy but I couldn't find enough questions for this man n such a short time :D )

3.His chiselled features and rugged good looks made him an obvious successor to Keith Miller and Denis Compton as a Brylcreem model.Who are we talking about?

4.Hanif Mohammad,Inzamam-ul-Haq and and Sanath Jayasuriya are the only other Asian players to have achieved this feat.Who is the fourth in the series?

5.Once when he visited his uncle,he noticed 4 India test caps and asked his uncle to give him one,as he had so many.His uncle refused saying that it had to be earned.This child went to earn many more caps than his uncle did.Identify.

6.After Scotland were admitted to the National League of county cricket sides on a three year trial basis in 2003,they signed this player as their overseas recruit.Who?

All very famous cricketers and pretty simple questions.The connection is what is needed.

Here is the Megaupload link to download the zipped quiz.
Here is the RapidShare link.
Here is the YouSendIt link.
(I did them all simultaneously incase any failed.Turns out all worked!)

For those in IITB itself,don't bother,just take it from my server (I don't think I can put that IP here,anyway most won't be needing it,those who will can message) in the incoming folder.If there is enough response maybe I'll put the answers somewhere.


Arnav said...

Can we have any of the non-cricket questions as well? If you didn't set those, maybe you could borrow some from Chitranshu, as he seems to have stopped updating his blog. (Is he so busy with placement activities?)

Nikhil said...

Are the biggest prob is that Matty doesn't have a comp! He came to know of the comments only when I told him.Not very busy,but yes with the placement season coming he is busy.

I upped the entire zip file of the quiz,and gave three different links to download here :)

I tried my best to put a picture connect here (all connects had snaps),since you asked,but seems images aren't supported here.So better if you can download it :(

I'll ask Matty to put up some questions,or just anything up.

Arnav said...

Oh, that's alright then. I'll download. For some reason I assumed that the downloadable questions would also be yours only, though it does make more sense that it be the entire quiz as you had already posted your questions here!

Arnav said...

Went through the entire quiz, and loved it. It was really nice, and congrats to both you and Chitranshu for doing such a nice quiz on a topic that is normally accorded a very step-motherly treatment in most college quizzes.
Now that I have done a bit of buttering up, could I have the answers please? Please don't ask me for my answers, as there are just too many questions, and it'll get very very tiring to note down all my attempts. (I was flattered by two-three questions from my prelims being used in the quiz, including the Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron one without removing the caveat)

Nikhil said...


That's why I was asking for answers from you.Anyway got them from an earlier version of MI quiz and thought your personalisations were better.And thank you even if some of the praise was true :)

I'm back home right now and the restrictions of paid internet will prevent me from devoting such tim,but promise I will givethe answers when I'm back,unfortunately a week to that day.

And I'm not that strict that I need answers,just a part time quizzer :)

Tups said...

Hameen ast oa hameen ast ..

Nice quiz. Liked the template too - suitably Navin Jindal-esque (the flag guy - hope I got the name right). The answers would be great, though - do take pity on us.

Nikhil said...

[tups] Greetings to you too,I guess the first line you wrote meant that :)

Thanks for the compliments,and yes it was Jindal indeed :)

Just wait for a week,the networ here is too frustrating and unpredictable to post answers.Will be a smooth sail once I get back to IITB.

Bear with me :)