Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Patriotism and mental disintegration

A very strange thing happened in the class today.People sleeping during lectures is nothing new.Some professors just don't care.Some wake them up and either mildly rebuke them or emabarrass them in front of the class.That's it,no harm done.

Today,something else happened.Three people were sleeping in a row.The professor told us to wake them up and suddenly raised his voice,

"Whenever you are feeling sleepy think of the soldiers in Siachen whose wives may become widows anyday.Think of the hardships they are facing,the extremeties they are going through.They are depending on engineers like you who can design something for the army,for defence to make their lives easier and safe.."

His voice quivered,overcome by emotions,

"Their wives may become widows anyday.And you think they are risking their lives so that you may sleep peacefully? Wake up!"

Angry and emotional,he continued,

"There are little kids in M.P who are picking up leaves to make bidis.The government taxes those bidis,and those taxes are being used to educate you people.And you choose to sleep after all this?"

He said a lot more,but I guess it was incoherent.Or maybe I was too perturbed.No one moved after that.Too moved to move maybe.

Are we this pathetic?


Phoenix said...

We are all unbecoming engineers, and ur prof is, er well...i dont have words.

Chimera said...

he is sentimental about wat he does obviously..but does he really think that keeping up in classes will ensure u will make something worthwhile..or the fact that u ppl r in IIT means that u hav the most responsibility to make such things for the nation..doesnt he know that after using all tax payers money almost every IITian will make US his home and earn in dollars..just because he stayed back..lack of opportunity or sense of patriotism i dunno..but does he really think the same is going to stop u ppl..or in this globalised world sentiments matters to everyone..reality check for him i say..not for u guys