Wednesday, October 19, 2005

That's what dreams are made of!

‘‘I’ve never heard 43,000 people shut up like that before"

As a kid or even grown up everyone dreams of hitting a last ball six,making a 3 point shot in double OT on the buzzer,hitting a goal in injury time and then soaking in the moment.A moment of glory that is every sportsman's dream.I just saw one of those today.

Baseball like cricket can be a game of glorious uncertainities.Sadly many people don't watch baseball here,their loss I must say.Right now Astros and Cardinals are playing for a world series spot to play against White Sox.Astros were leading 7 match series 3-1 coming into game 5.

It was the final innings.Astros leading 3-2,one strike away from a WS spot.Right then something happened.There were 3 people on the base.It was now or never.

99 times out of 100 loss would have been inevitable.Step up Pujol.He hits a 3 run homerun (which is pretty rare) and wins the match for Cardinals.The Astro crowd shut up.From imminent burst out to total silence.An unbelieveable contrast.Very comparable to the one at Eden Gardens when Sachin got out first ball to Shoaib.Only there were 80,000 people who shut up then.

Watch that shot here before they remove it.

Baseball is getting exciting.Just last year Red Sox had won gainst Yankees from 3 games down,a feat unmatched in history.It just has a big fan in me now.

And yeah,I do get up at 6 sometimes to watch Baseball (even rugby,basketball etc. for that matter).If I don't I regularly check the sites.Just the way I am.

Missed the Juve vs. Bayern encounter today.But this shot more than compensates for it.

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