Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Two girls to really watch out for

Tennis is a beautiful game.Women's tennis is an even more beautiful game,in every sense of the word.Players like Sharapova,Hantuchova,Myskina etc. are already being talked about in terms of adding beauty to the game.But the two players I think would be turning heads in coming days would be the two I am talking about now.Tatiana Golovin and Nicole Vaidisova.

Golovin caught my eye and more importantly the world's eye when,all of 16,she reached the 4th round of Wimbledon 2 years ago.She had her motives clear.After losing the match she told this to press-

“I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m waiting for Prince William,I’ll be waiting for him, sitting in the stands."


She plays well and doesn't mind getting noticed.That can be clearly seen by her version of hot pants which are probably lower and shorter than anyone else's on the tour.And she has been know to carry a pair of scissors on tour to lower the midriff of her tees.What are you doing Prince William?
Dedicated tennis fans or not-so-dedicated-tennis-fans-but-dedicated-Sania-fans might remember her as the girl who beat Sania in the semis of the Japan Open recently.She beat her in straight sets.

The player who beat Golovin in that match was Vaidisova.She isn't that well known now,but I guess it wouldn't be that long.In fact she has just beat top seeded Petrova to win the Thailand open which makes third title in a row for her after Korea and Japan.Makes a pattern doesn't it?Beware Autralia,France and Englad! She even has her own site coming up,which very few players can boast of.And she is only 16!
By the way she is from Czech Republic.So all the more reason to 'Czech her out' :D

The best thing about these players is that you have something else to look forward to even if they are playing badly.Such a
departure form the William's sisters heydays.

Rewarding days to be a tennis fan!

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