Sunday, October 16, 2005

A very 'interesting' game

When I was in Delhi during my first year vacations,I figured out this highly 'imaginative' game out of sheer boredom.I challenged my brother to find out the most rotten movie reviews on rottentomatoes.In return I showed him my finds.The motive is to get movies with the lowest ratings that you have seen.Those which you haven't seen shouldn't qualify becuase they can be easily got from the IMDB bottom 10 list.
Quite naturally I beat him,and the movies that did it for me were this and this.I didn't watch the entire movies of course,no one can.(Strangely both were under 10 at that time,seems tastes change with time.Time heals they say)

A variation of this game was designed by me once again,where I challenged my friends to find out the highest rated Hindi movie they have seen on IMDB.Of course with a certain pre-requisite number of votes that is.
Once again I got the lead,with this movie this time around.I enjoyed it very much and so it was quite nice to find it rated this high.

Beat me if you have the time :D


Phoenix said...

ére's another IMDB addict!!

anyway, bad mein time mila to kheloongi apke sath..abhi k liye kep writin;)

btw, how were ur vacs?

Nikhil said...

Addict nahi,I found an alternative way to use that site.
Vacations to theek the but 1 week bunk maarne ka result abhi mil raha hai :((