Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A whole new world

If you look at this map,your first look may lead you to believe that this is some sort of crumpled old map that pirates use to mark hidden treasure spots on.Another look and you would think that this is some child's imaginative portrayal of India as he sees it.

I would have thought that it is the work of a child who wants to become a pirate,had I not known the source of this amazing revelation of a map.It is a part of a site called which later branches out into several sections including Tamil and Mughalstan,and of course all of them want to be liberated.

Chitranshu and Yohan while looking for material for a debate bumped into this site.What happened next was that they both spent the entire night browsing through the various facets and parallel truths that this site puts before us.Nevermind the deabte.However serious maybe the intentions of the site owners,unfortunately it does not come out that way to the normal,sane reader.This of course means that site has enough material to keep you amused for many,many days to come.

Once thing that is highly reassuring is the tick mark across Jharkhand.Reassuring because if the site owners,or any of the patrons do come across this page,and more importantly decide to feel offended too,then I have my present home state to fall back upon.

A must visit site.At least they would feel happy that I'm publicising.Who knows,someone may like their ideas and decide to come up with another subtle map like this one.

Gosthan and Gangusthan =))
Next time someone asks me my birth state I'll say it's 'Gangusthan',maybe it will be made less fun of than if I say Bihar.Bored with the same old jokes about Bihar,this might bring out some new ones.

Unbeatable site! And yeah there are many more such maps :D


Prathamesh said...

i remember bumping into dalitstan right back in my 12th...dalitstan aims to provide a voice to all the sub alterns in india be it linguistic or the religious minorities emphasising mainly on dalit issue...while it cant be denied that they have a right to assert their freedom of expression..nor can it be denied that caste based oppression(backed by the indian state) one of the gravest issues affecting india..all dalitstan writers have to offer is rhetoric and jingoism..which rather than providing solutions can at the best brainwash a few dalits and antagonize the upper castes...
As for further partitioning might not be all that bad an idea when you come to think of it..

Phoenix said...

it's a scary post nikhil!

Nikhil said...

[prathamesh] My hometown being Jamshedpur,I am very close to the Naxalite battleground that Jharkhand has become.It's amazing that by forming dogmas like this and then promising a better future who have lost all hope how these 'leaders' form parallel governments,and ruthlessly ruin the system that works(well claims to be work).Both the sides are at fault I must agree,one by being ignorant the other by exploiting the ignorance.But then this is politics in our country,people like me can just sit in comfort and mock them both,while the real people out there are increasingly finding it difficult to make ends meet.
About partiotining..I don't have enough ideas,although reading Freedom at Midnight has partially made me aware how painful that can get(making new states would be a small scale of that thing) :)
One of the things to come out was that local colleges had 70% reservation (!!!!),and this was just one of the scary things.

[phoenix] Wasnt intended to be :(

Krishna said...

abbey shady aadmi ! mein socha ki tu sachin pe blog kar raha tha :D