Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Answers to the India Quiz and the Megaconnect

ERRATA:There are a few glitches in the answers provided read the comments section to get them right.And add on if you find more.

For those who don't know,here was the quiz and the link to download the India Quiz.

Finally I got so much time that could do do what I have been putting off for a month now.I have upped the answers into a zipped file.I tried my best to ensure that all are answered,but I missed out on a few beacuse either I can't recall or just don't know.Sorry for that,but I couldn't do any more.

Here is the rapidshare link to download the zipped file.

The file contains the questions along with the answers so no need to download separately for those who can't locate,recall or remember that quiz.


And of course in case of any problems let me know,I may or may not be of any help.But you can always try :D

1.Famous cricket journo John Laker's idea of Heaven: "Lord's in the summer, the sun shining, with ____ _____ bowling at one end and Ray Lindwall at the other".Just fill in the blank.

Bishen Bedi.

2.When Waqar younis made his test debut,there was another player who was playing his first test match in the same test.Who? (I know this is very,very easy but I couldn't find enough questions for this man n such a short time :D )

Sachin Tendulkar.

3.His chiselled features and rugged good looks made him an obvious successor to Keith Miller and Denis Compton as a Brylcreem model.Who are we talking about?

Farokh Engineer

4.Hanif Mohammad,Inzamam-ul-Haq and and Sanath Jayasuriya are the only other Asian players to have achieved this feat.Who is the fourth in the series?

Sehwag and triple century club.

5.Once when he visited his uncle,he noticed 4 India test caps and asked his uncle to give him one,as he had so many.His uncle refused saying that it had to be earned.This child went to earn many more caps than his uncle did.Identify.

Gavaskar and his unlce Madhav Mantri

6.After Scotland were admitted to the National League of county cricket sides on a three year trial basis in 2003,they signed this player as their overseas recruit.Who?

Rahul Dravid.

The connect being they are the players who have been selected for World XI sides to play Aus. XI in official 6 day tests.


Arnav said...

Yaar, you shouldn't give answers for the ones you aren't sure of. I caught one mistake, but there might have been more. The connection of Alyque Padamsee to Jinnah is that the former played the latter in Gandhi.
The sixth minority community cricketer in that question was Abid Ali, which was mentioned in the question from my prelims.
There were some unanswered questions that I could give the answers to, but I have forgotten those questions now. The man who started the Green Revolution was a Mexican called Norman E Borlaug.

Thanks, for finally giving out the answers btw.

Nikhil said...

Thanks for pointing out,that's a big one.I recalled wrongly from the quiz,stupid me.

You can imagine how monotonously boring it would have got to type in those answers,that Abid Ali one must have been a counting mistake though :D

Anyway one more question I have not answered though I can remember something is the connection betn. Hercules and all.It's all connected to the INS's which were earlier named after those Snapshot subjects.

And rest assured,jyada mistakes nahi hain :D.I had to do this alone,the person who set most of the quiz in the first place wasn't even available for online conversation too

Sorry and thanks.