Sunday, November 13, 2005

Friendly Fire

I love my department.I love my department group even more.We have had so many interesting exchanges on that platform and I can't help but look back at them and smile in retrospect.You have already seen an example here,this just adds to that.

Some necessary background information first.Ever since there have been groups,there have been forwards that supposedly make you laugh or amaze you.Like check-your-eyesight,see-actors-in-childhood,the-funniest-joke-in-the-world or those I-need-your-blood-urgently ones.Frankly I don't even read messages which have a fwd tag in them,most people don't.Now this student had filled our inboxes with all kinds of weirdly irritating fwds and this is where patience of people ran out.A like minded friend summed up the matter beautifully:

hi all...

first of all best of luck for the endsems...

next... as we all know, the group is generally full of
crap... we all know this... acknowledge this.. and
still no one is ready to do anything...

but no one complains... we got ultra high bandwidth
connections... sites that open in a flash... and at
this speed we dont really bother that the fwds we get
daily have been seen atleast n times by a large
majority of the group... also, mails actually get
deleted when u click on the delete button ;)

most of us will be going home now (ahhh... finally)
i dont know how many of us have got broadband
connections at home... none that i know have. we use
the cybercafe's and pay up money for using the net
over painstakingly slow dialup connections... or we
use the home phones for the said purpose... paying up
huge phone bills for meagre amounts of transmitted
mail sites take ages to open... and even higher
amounts of time to delete mails ;)

so... no more stupid forwards (this goes out to
*name removed*) ... we never wanted them to be in the
first place, but ppl have been courteous...

no more one-line mails with subjects such as
"important" and "plz read"... which generally contain
nothing but crap... are u listening *name removed*...

*ironic dude* tried... i applaud him for that... but this mail
goes out directly... explicitly... and from the very
bottom of all the hearts of the ppl who havent
mustered up enough courage to speak out nething on the

groups are places where sensible stuff is to be
discussed.. better to keep urself away if u r not

Now this led to a lot of I-support-you and be-sensible type of posts,but the real message got across,and we got this reply from the accused:

hi all
good that finally Mr.*like minded friend* voiced out his opinion directly, unlike
Mr. *ironical dude* who took irony as a means to do the same, confusing me.
i'll stop forwarding humour to this problem with that.
for Mr. *like minded friend*,
as far as your after-going-home-difficulties are concerned ,in any
case i am not going to mail during the bordom drives one
to keep mailing what you were calling "scrap".home, it's not the case.
so,i think this should settle the tide of "sensible-mail-want-demand"

The storm faded away.Until a few months later when the same student had some problems in a class and chose to voice his/her opinion:

hi junta,

iam being coerced into writing this mail after i was baffled by the
ignomious response in the morning lecture.
if you had wasted quarter an hour thinking of something ,you would know
what could congeal out when you were denied the right to express it.iam
neither being didactic nor calumny, iam just asking you to let me express
what's on my mind.if you find this as my temerity, kindly donot bother to
answer this and i can assure you this shall be the last mail from me this
thanking you,

If you understood this then I bow to thee.We were clueless.There were some replies like 'I couldn't crack the code' or 'Kya ho raha hai baba' which although asked the pertinent question,couldn't drive the point in.This is where I took over.I generally don't indulge in group mail activities,mostly because of laziness,but this was unmissable.I replied:

Forgive me if i am alone but if there is anyone who
could comprehend what's going on here..please,please
You know my Wordweb almost crashed while
reading this by it's frantic use..and i had been told
wordweb is a pretty stable piece of software.The only
thing i could comprehend was that people have started
preparing for their GRE and giving us the unprepared
souls a huge inferiority complex.
Jokes apart what is this all about? Maybe i
am too ignorant which is justified by the fact that i
didn't attend today's classes but it would kill me if
couldn't get behind this cryptic masterpiece of a
O master of suspense,let the light fall upon

This message was follwed by smilies and all and some real life chuckles by friends but I guess the point got across pretty well.And pat came the reply,in slightly more comprehensible language:

all i meant was that not to stop me from answering in class and one should
understand the disappointment others experince when they r stopped from
expressing their views.and i am not being sentimental,i am being rational
and telling this so that this maynot repeat,propelled by any wrong

See? It's not that tough being simple.

NOTICE:No one was hurt while typing in this message.I hope no one will be hurt after too,especially I hope I'm not hurt.


Handa said...

u r moving on pretty thin ice here...

Nikhil said...

Yeah just hope I don't get hurt :)
End sems are enough pain already,just hope this doesn't add to that.

BTW still looking for the meaning of the word 'didactic' .Maybe you with all your CAT prep experience might be of some help :D