Saturday, November 12, 2005

Game,Set and Match


The scoreline reads like a one sided tennis match.One sided it was and there were some smashing forehanded and some cheeky backhanded shots too.I won't push the analogy any further,but game,set and match it is for India.A new side doing the job.So reminiscent of the post '99 world cup new team that had such a high run up until the year before.Hope it continues,and culminates in India actually winning the World Cup,not losing in the finals.

I've already said much about Dhoni,but I get a feeling I haven't said enough yet.After the horrendous decade,maybe more,of searching for a wicket-keeper that bats well,not a batsman that can keep,he seems to be the dream find at the moment.Anyone who has the resolve to hit a six and win a match,never mind getting out as he did today,is pretty rare to find.Already he is being billed as India's answer to Gilly,but he has to keep pretty well to have that tag.And he know it,judging by his statements.Nevermind,we are more than happy with his batting.Well deserved Man of the Series.

Rahul Dravid made sure in this series that Ganguly won't be missed.Rather people have started wondering what took his ouster so long.Things don't look too good as he got out for a duck against Zaheer Khan in the Duleep Trophy match today.But if he does come back,he has to be in his prime form to that,it will be very exciting for everyone knows what his prime gorm can be like.You just have to recall one name-Taunton!

The bowling side was pretty well handled though I don't think some of the bowlers will get many more chances.Pathan did brilliantly entire series,dazzling with the bat as well.RP singh is the only prospect who seems to have a future.Santh and Yadav,I think lack anything that can mark them as different.

Anyway it was really exciting to see the way India played this series.Now SA would be a tougher opposition although without the 'absconding' Gibbs and Boje slightly depleted.

Kemp vs. Dhoni,now that's a hard hitting battle we all would love to watch.

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