Thursday, November 10, 2005

In the Name of the Father

I had seen 'In the name of the Father' a long while back.Last month I suggested 3-4 of my friends to watch it,and the timing of this suggestion freaked me out.The opening sequence of the movie literally blew me away and did the same thing to my friends too.Apparently this scene also finds a mention in the 'Greatest Films Moments and Scenes'.It's a very long list but I guess finding a mention there does mean a thing or two (why do I have justify,why why?).

Where this gets weird is that probably at the same time that I was re-running,explaining,singing along with the opening sequence,disturbing things of a similar kind happened in Delhi.I could almost imagine moments frame by frame,happy,innocent,unsuspecting people chatting,having fun,entering into a shop and *BOOM*.Silence forever.

Rajeev cut the opening sequence,he liked it so much,and for the benefit of people who do not have access to the movie can download it from here.It's around 10MB but is worth the pains.Try listening to the opening track with full volume,it will hit you hard.I get goosebumps everytime I see it.

There is one major reason why I like the opening sequence.For me U2 was at their best in the earlier years,loosely defined by the period where Bono didn't wear those sunglasses.This opening song 'In the name of the Father' is probably an excellent example of their earlier style-distant haunting voice and repetitive,overpowering background music.In fact my favourite U2 song is a not -so-famous one called 'Gloria' from the album 'October'.The other songs form this movie are also great,especially 'Thief of my heart' by Sinnead O'Connor,which makes for a classic OST.

Watch the scene,get blown away.And if you like it,go watch the movie too.Although if you like the song,I might be of some further help :)

[As always those of you in IITB itself don't need to bother.Just check my server,of course I can't put that here,but then most of my friends here already know.Nevermind.]

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