Monday, November 21, 2005

It's all connected!

A few days back it happened to me again.Things that are on my mind,like books,movies,songs,which seem totally unrelated at first,somehow with a stroke of cosmic luck end up being connected.Some of the connections are too vague to consider it a coincidence,but most others do end up giving me a strange feeling.But,I guess if you try enough,you'll find any two things in the world being linked.And there are enough people in the world doing that,that's why we have trivia quizzes.And the six-degree-separation games.

Here follows the weird connection I found this week-

.1. A few days back while looking for some new music(not necessarily recent),I had downloaded the best of Iggy Pop:Nude and Rude.I enjoyed listening to it.

.2. I found out that 'Almost Famous' had resurfaced on the LAN and I watched it once again,the first time I had seen in parts,about 2 years back and I didn't remember most of the things.Since it was a movie based on Rock 'n Roll,Iggy Pop being played by the DJ after being requested by the Creem mag journo wasn't entirely surprising,but it was amusing.

.3. At times I look for details of movies that I had seen on TV while still in school.This time I looked for DiCaprio starrer 'The Beach',which was quite controversial as it ruined some beaches in Thailand.Then I thought about the first movie I had seen DiCaprio in.The first was 'Romeo+Juliet',but the first complete one was 'The Basketball Diaries' which is based on the true story of a man called Jim Carroll.

.4. I looked for Jim Caroll and I found out that apart from his works with Blue Oyster Cult (one of my current favourite bands),his life also inspired the book and then the movie 'Trainspotting'.

.5. For anyone who has seen or read that book can figure out the heavy referencing of Iggy Pop,which is one of the bands that influenced Welsh's writing and is idolized by the characters in the book/movie!!

So I was back to the start,with Iggy Pop!
Now if you put in A,B,C or X,Y,Z or anything else you like instead of the names I mentioned,there you got yourself a trivia question.A very arbitrary one if I may add.

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