Monday, November 07, 2005

Journey into Garage

The first time I heard a garage band was probably one of those late night/early morning sessions of TV watching where they used to play some different music.Most probably it was 'The Strokes' playing 'Someday'.I remember that song particularly well beacuse it featured Al Borland from 'Home Improvement',Tim Allen's sitcom I watched daily.I fell in love with garage that time.The short riffs,repetitive lyrics,uncomplicated sounds-it all felt so amateurish and yet so good.

Sadly,that wasn't the sort of music I could get in the music stores.So the only garage I had was courtesy the music channels,CNN's The Music Room and my lovely radio.Some other bands also came into my notice like 'The White Stripes','The Hives' and my current favorites Australian garage rock band 'The Vines'.Until then I listened to a lot of grunge,the mainstream ones like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.I got bored of Nirvana,but not until I had heard Nevermind about a million times.To fill the void I moved onto Brit Rock/Pop with bands like Oasis,Radiohead,Blur and lately Coldplay.I longed for something different all along in the meanwhile,something that even Planet-M couldn't give me.

Things looked bleaker when I came here and found that barring 2-3 OST songs,these bands didn't even exist on the LAN and I did not have powers enough to bring them.Disappointed,my interest grew in British Invasion bands and post-punk,pre-grunge.Bands like Ramones,Mudhoney,Pixies ruled my playlists.The Who,Jethro Tull and some other British Invasion bands still do,but they are a parallel interest,a passionate interest nonetheless.

Finally a few months ago,my perennial fight to get these bands started yielding results.I got 'Room on Fire',a great album by 'The Strokes'.Then somehone brought 'Elephant' by 'The White Stripes' which was another great album.With added enthusiasm,I got a few videos and songs by 'The Vines' and 'The Strokes' and one of the videos ranks among my all time best.I listen to 'Winning Days' (downloadable) at least once in a day,dark lyrics but put in a very nice way-

The winning days are gone
Because I know just where I'm seeing
Was given eyes I know

I can hear
Cause underneath there's gold

I need to get around to find it

And when I want to go

I can dream

I've been trying

All my time

And of course there was 'Ride',which probably defines the repetitive element of Garage.

And today,I finally got the 'Winning Days' album by 'The Vines'and another one by 'The White Stripes',which is what motivated to chronicle this journey that becomes exciting by the day.I am listening to all the new songs,feeling content as I write this.

I got into Indie,which stands for independent labels mostly funded by the performers or their friend circle, in the summers and found it tremendously exciting too.'Interpol' for one is an Indie garage band which is sort of best of bot worlds.I found a lot of 'Modest Mouse' on the LAN and soaked all of it as it is probably one of the best Indie bands I have ever heard.'Hot Fuss' by 'The Killers' was another garage album I liked a lot.Sadly their albums are still not available in music stores I know of,and probably never will be.

For me these are the bands which will save Rock N' Roll,if it's not dead as yet.
Long live Rock N' Roll.

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