Saturday, November 12, 2005

Non-Resumable Achievements

The make-your-resume season is in it's full swing nowadays.Afterall the time has come when based on your life in two-three A-4 sheets you can become a part of the Great American Dream,get a summer watching World Cup soccer in Germany,chill out in Israel or do a winter internship in Australia while others are dying in the summers.I would have loved to join this frenzy fun of applying everywhere in the world but for another one of those A-4 sheets on which my grades are printed.And the worst part is that I can't change the details on that horrific page.

But,I do have to print my life in 3 pages,list my achievements,in Times New Roman.Now there are not many things to be written there,but anyway that's not the point of this post.This post is about all the 'talents'and 'achievements' I have that wouldn't be appreciated in those official documents,or anywhere else.

So I list all my unofficial 'achievements' here,just to make sure that if ever there is such an oppurtunity that values these,I wouldn't have to think a lot.

-> I can write mirror imaged english handwriting with both my right and left hand.Used to do a lot of that in boring classes at school and later all my lectures here.And I can do that at considerable speed.

-> Have hit 6 sixes in an over in Stickcricket.Now if you love cricket and do not know about this amzingly addictive flash game,then you are missing something in life.You are missing a wonderful way to waste time.Most (read all) of my illustrious Stickcricket champ friends haven't still managed that.

-> Can bat both right and left handed.Infact people,and later me got so bored of my right handed play in mohalla matches (yeah,yeah I batted well enough),that I switched to left handed play.I got runs more quickly that way,once 30 in an over,and later people were reluctant taking me in the team.I forgot to add,I played with kids,sometimes 13-14 years old.I was 17 then.

-> Perhaps the only kid with a skateboard out here,I know a thing or two about skateboarding.That's it,a thing or two,nothing more.I tried to learn how to ollie (the jumping-your-skateboard trick for the uninitiated) but then cooled off when I realised that I needed to be insured before even trying that.

-> My blog,afterall this the platform I misuse,would feel bad if I didn't add that this post of mine had got more than 400 hits,250 odd in a single day.But of course it was well advertised too.Featuring on Desipundit helped.So did featuring on my dear friends' status messages and our department group.That's advertisement for you.

That's it for now,I may have a few more but they are too emabarrassing to list as of now.Very soon I'll grow shameless enough to list them too.

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