Saturday, December 31, 2005

What New Year?

One thing I'm good at,probably you are too but then I won't know,is remembering these obscure stupid little anecdotes back from school.With about 12 years spent at school,this pretty much means there is at least one for every occasion.I distinctly recall this one from our 10th std. Hindi class which comes into mind given the occasion at hand.

We had this pestering teacher who taught more 'Hindi values' so to speak than the language itself.Being the usual pesky self I am,I could not stand this any longer.Ma'am found that out pretty soon and came near my bench

HT:Kya hua man nahi lag raha class me? [bored,huh?]

Me:Pata chal gaya aapko? [OMG how did you find THAT out?]

HT:Main jaanti hoon tum logon ko,Hindi movies dekhoge,gaane sunoge aur Hindi padh nahi sakte [blah,blah,blah]

Me:Ma'am aap un dono ko connect nahi kar sakte.Main Hindi gaane nahi sunta,naahi maine 2 saal se koi movie dekhi hai,lekin mujhe Hindi sahitya me ruchi hai lekin yahan wo nahi padhaya jaa raha.[Yup I said something like that]

HT(changing the topic):Aage tumhe Hindi padhni par sakti hai (she meant after 10th,when hindi aur Computer Sc. was alloted on marks basis),dukh yahan khatam nahin honge.[The pain might not stop here]

Me:Main aage Hindi nahin padh raha..[Immodest but realistic]

HT:Wo tumhare haath me nahin [You're not the one who decides]

Me:Haan hai! [Yup I do.]

(In case you wondering,I got class highest in Hindi,then topped the school which meant I was pretty much free to choose.And I did not choose Hindi.)

Anyway the story does not end here.The same teacher came to the class a few days later on what was last day before the winter vacations.

HT:Main aaj padhaongi nahi,lekin tum log sab apna New Year resolution batao.Sabse acche waale ko main chocolates doongi.[I won't teach,will give chocolates to the one with the best resolution for New Year]

The usual trash followed.Perseverance,hard work,a few 'funny' ones,'witty' ones and general blah.My turn.

Me:Ma'am aapne poori saal hume Hindi aur paschatya ka uspe dusprbhav ke baare me bataya.Lekin aaj aap unhi logon ke diye hue naye sal ko mana rahi hain.Hamara apna bhi ek samvat hai,Vikram samvat aur us din main apna sankalp bataonga,aaj nahi. [Ma'am there is a Hindi (Hindu?) calendar,and I would tell you my resolution on first day according to that]

HT [after a prolonged glare]: Tumko chocolate chaiyye kya?

Yeah,yeah all right.But I did that and I'm not a RSS supporter.I do have a 'Thakur Prasad' calendar at home but don't know how to read the 'Panchang'.A 'phoney' Brahmin afterall.

So see you on 14th of march.(I don't remember the exact date,but then so do you.)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Never mind the bollocks

So Mood I has come and gone.My mood remains the same.Too gloomy and apprehensive and tense too enjoy a fest or anything else.It's very odd to write something when in that frame of mind but I guess this is the only time I can pull off a non-joking and preaching post.The motive being to read back and exclaim 'How could I ever write this?',pretty much like I do when flipping the pages of stupid diaries with single digit pages filled back home.

It's taken 5 sems and some major,major setbacks to realise that I should have been a shade serious about things,especially with a mediocre profile like mine.With just about 2 (maybe 1) sem to go when companies and firms come pouring in mainly for the brighter,more hard working lot,it's slightly late in the day for the realisation to dawn upon.And probably too late to work on it.The worse thing is when I talk to someone,or someone talks to me about future prospects,they always think that inspite of my severe shortcomings I am the one who is better placed because I know this and that and blah and blah.There is nothing more frustrating than that.

The trip back home did not help either.I heard about classmates from all over the country,never mind the college names because even I don't remember them,being placed in this and that company and getting this and that much.Recalling each one from school and then imagining that very soon I could be fighting for spots similar to them and maybe join them as colleagues wasn't vey reassuring.This because however low on confidence I might be,I know that I don't belong there.The sad part is that the people recruiting won't know the difference,and I can't even blame them for that.

Up until now when anyone asked to me the question 'What next?' my replies generally made sure that he never ever asked the question to anyone again.Now if I don't find the answers pretty soon,with the limited options in hand,who knows where will I land up.Repentance? Pretty much yes,and a bit of retrospection.

I'm not a big fan of 'Hey,everything happens for good,things will work out' kind of theory,but ironically seems I have to depend very heavily on that now.

This is turning out to be like one of those songs where the title has got nothing to do with the content like 'What's the frequency Kenneth' and stuff.But hey,I really have learned not to mind those bollocks.Be it the people who don't know the names of cricketers they are watching in the stadium or the name of the band whose song is being played at the rock show.The latter happened a while ago,many times at that,during Livewire.I realised that people come to enjoy the stuff,which they will listen for now and then forget forever.Fair enough.I may/may have been caught in similar situations myself.Everyone can't be,try to be a purist,which is not a nice thing to be anyway.So go ahead,sit next to me and call names like Gary Klusener and Lance Kirsten and ask what 'Immigrant Song' is.I promise I won't give you the glare.

And in case you are wondering,the title is a 'Sex Pistols' album.Again,I don't mind.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

This and that

MoodI begins tomorrow and I don't think I will have much to with it this time,not that I did much last time around.At least last time was fun with friends and bro coming over and a phoney co-ordi job.I never thought so,but staying alone with nobody around can be a bit gloomy.But then I've never been alone.It's really weird that none of my friends or wingmates is around,the ones that are here are too busy to be considered.Spooky.

I don't expect to anything significant in MI this year or any year any fest for that matter.If there had been a sports quiz,I might have got something.Rest of the quizzes are too beyond me.And it's too late in the day to catch up,something that I'm not too enthusiastic about either.I've been never been interested in watching college plays,hindi pop/classical/whatever else artists perform,dances and workshops-basically everything else that makes up a fest.And I'm not into making plans to approach arbit girls of arbit colleges which seems to be the 'undercurrent' of so many fests,mostly IIT ones.So there goes MI for me.

So the Mood is not Indigo for me,it's blue.Don't expect reviews or anything,I don't think I'll be able to sit through even the quiz finals as audience.Most probably will watch the boxing day test match and hope SA beat Australia.

PS:Arbit 'dear diary' blogging is a nice way to kill time,especially if alone.I just hope I don't have time to kill that often.Or just pray I get enough people to play cricket.Whatever.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Perfect answer to Dubya

I travalled a lot these past 15 days,and finally got the oppurtunity to get online for more than 15 minutes,which is just about the time I take to write something irrelevant.Nagpur,Korba,Rihand,Renukoot-all these places had the misfortune of having me as a guest and I the fortune of being theirs.

Anyway nothing beats home,and however ill-acquainted I might have become to this chilling cold,the warmth recieved at home more than makes up for that.I idle away watching cricket matches (2 back to back brilliant ODI's between Nz and Oz which resulted in post 300 chases),some NFL,football and today a tent pegging contest live at the Regal ground.It was quite an experience to be there.

Back at home the 2 stray cats that mom sheltered have propagated and their number stands at 4 right now,2 small and 2 big ones.And this post is about them,more precisely their names,which have been kept by Mom after what I think a lot of research.

There is a black and white spotted and a totally black one,just about 4 months or so old.I asked their names and this is the approximate transcript of the conversation that took place:

Me:You must be running out of cat names now.What are they called?
Mom:The spotted one is called 'America'
Me(very,very surprised):Why on earth..?
Mom:Because George Bush has his cat named India.

I tried to explain that India could have been used in a totally different context,but arguing on cat names is hardly worth the effort.I could only manage to laugh,and laugh loud.

Me:And what is the other black one named?

My laughter was out of control now. And I did not need an explanation for this.Genes...

This nomenclature leaves us with very interesting situation sometimes.There are statements like "America you have drunk all the milk and left nothing for Africa.Very bad of you" or "America stop clawing Africa".Not an anti-US demonstration place,just my home.

I'll get back to America and Africa then.