Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Perfect answer to Dubya

I travalled a lot these past 15 days,and finally got the oppurtunity to get online for more than 15 minutes,which is just about the time I take to write something irrelevant.Nagpur,Korba,Rihand,Renukoot-all these places had the misfortune of having me as a guest and I the fortune of being theirs.

Anyway nothing beats home,and however ill-acquainted I might have become to this chilling cold,the warmth recieved at home more than makes up for that.I idle away watching cricket matches (2 back to back brilliant ODI's between Nz and Oz which resulted in post 300 chases),some NFL,football and today a tent pegging contest live at the Regal ground.It was quite an experience to be there.

Back at home the 2 stray cats that mom sheltered have propagated and their number stands at 4 right now,2 small and 2 big ones.And this post is about them,more precisely their names,which have been kept by Mom after what I think a lot of research.

There is a black and white spotted and a totally black one,just about 4 months or so old.I asked their names and this is the approximate transcript of the conversation that took place:

Me:You must be running out of cat names now.What are they called?
Mom:The spotted one is called 'America'
Me(very,very surprised):Why on earth..?
Mom:Because George Bush has his cat named India.

I tried to explain that India could have been used in a totally different context,but arguing on cat names is hardly worth the effort.I could only manage to laugh,and laugh loud.

Me:And what is the other black one named?

My laughter was out of control now. And I did not need an explanation for this.Genes...

This nomenclature leaves us with very interesting situation sometimes.There are statements like "America you have drunk all the milk and left nothing for Africa.Very bad of you" or "America stop clawing Africa".Not an anti-US demonstration place,just my home.

I'll get back to America and Africa then.


Mridula said...

Please tell your mom from my side that she has a great sense of humor.

Rita said...

Lol! Oh my God! That is too much :D
I had a friend who wanted to name her dog Gabbar Singh for some odd reason. But that did not get her mom's approval. :)

Shruthi said...

:)) Cool!

My Ramblings... said...

Africa and America? LOL!
Well a friend of mine had two kittens. He named one as "Kitten Varma" and the other one as "Che Che". :)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

ha ha, nice! Well atleast your mom has two "different" names for your cats, which is still better than my sister. She has two cats and her first cat is named Jay, and surprise, surprise her second cat is called Jay 2. Im not kidding, Im absolutely serious, when she told me I was dumbfounded, I was at a loss for words. So I think "America" and "Africa" is way better!

Mirage said...

Lol!! Wht an innovative idea fr cat names!! Well hope America and Africa live in peace for times to come! ;)

Nikhil said...

[mridula] I could,but then I would have to explain what is a blog,why do I blog and many such things.So I will save it for a later day.Thanks from her behalf though.

[rita]Gabbar Singh...nice idea.Next time I'll try that.

[shruthi] :)

[MR] kitten varma? why? agreed it's a part of the family..but..:D

[megha]interesting..and I believe you :)

[mirage] Peace? Not until I'm here *evil grin*