Sunday, December 25, 2005

This and that

MoodI begins tomorrow and I don't think I will have much to with it this time,not that I did much last time around.At least last time was fun with friends and bro coming over and a phoney co-ordi job.I never thought so,but staying alone with nobody around can be a bit gloomy.But then I've never been alone.It's really weird that none of my friends or wingmates is around,the ones that are here are too busy to be considered.Spooky.

I don't expect to anything significant in MI this year or any year any fest for that matter.If there had been a sports quiz,I might have got something.Rest of the quizzes are too beyond me.And it's too late in the day to catch up,something that I'm not too enthusiastic about either.I've been never been interested in watching college plays,hindi pop/classical/whatever else artists perform,dances and workshops-basically everything else that makes up a fest.And I'm not into making plans to approach arbit girls of arbit colleges which seems to be the 'undercurrent' of so many fests,mostly IIT ones.So there goes MI for me.

So the Mood is not Indigo for me,it's blue.Don't expect reviews or anything,I don't think I'll be able to sit through even the quiz finals as audience.Most probably will watch the boxing day test match and hope SA beat Australia.

PS:Arbit 'dear diary' blogging is a nice way to kill time,especially if alone.I just hope I don't have time to kill that often.Or just pray I get enough people to play cricket.Whatever.

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