Monday, January 30, 2006

The Quiet American

We had this story called 'A case for defence' in our 10th std. ICSE text book written by Graham Greene.When I read it,I decided that Greene was my favourite writer,and if he wrote novels he would be my favourite novelist as well.I agree it was the sort of choice you see people making when they say that Coldplay or for that matter Bryan Adams is their favourite rock band when quite clearly they don't know who CCR or Grateful Dead are.Or when they say Oasis,Radiohead are the best British bands ever when they haven't heard of the term British Invasion.But they remain happy and enjoy their choices,and I did the same then.Afterall I was but a schoolboy.

In these 3 days,I've seen The Third Man,read The Quiet American and watched the movie adaptation of The Quiet American too.Now after reading novelists other than Greene and reading stories other than by him I still don't think much different than I did then.Of course I won't go on and say things like 'he is the best ever' or 'he rules' or 'he is my favourite' but given a chance I would like to read his more serious novels now.These,I gather,he termed as entertainment.True they had the entertainment and mystery that such novels are meant to have but I think there was a much profound thought process behind them,especially 'The Quiet American',which rise above the premises of these jargon terms.

If you have read the novel and are then watching the movie it will feel like re-reading the chapters.Almost every dialogue,every setting,every situation is portayed exactly as it is in the book.Michael Caine was nominated for his performance and might have just won it hadn't it been for Adrien 'The Pianist' Brody.

Both these plots by Greene have something in common though.War ravaged cities of Vienna and Saigon provide the backdrop for a complicated set of dialogue exchanges between the two main protagonists both of who think their ideal to be the right one.There's a love triangle too-much,much pronouced in the latter case and infact forming the primary story.I can think of more if I strain myself but I am not sure it a worthwhile thing to do.Just one of those habits from trivia and quizzing.

I'm missing the Jethro Tull concert because I'm broke.If only I had been a better quizzer :(

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sunset Boulevard 2

Finally after a long time putting off,I decided to watch Sunset Boulevard.I'm not a great movie connoisseur or critic so I won't waste my and probably your time re-iterating what has already been elaborately discussed in so many more worthwhile places.It's a complicated way to say I liked the movie,but then it saves a lot of explanation.

I figured out the plot and the narration scheme in first few minutes itself but that didn't ruin it for me.It made it more exciting and gripping on the contrary.The script infact inspired me to write an analogy,with a sci-fi element based on the world of blogging which I could not help but put down here.

The protagonist is a blogger,most appropriately anonymous,whose sex,age let alone occupation and location are unknown to his (making a safe assumption to be male,got a 50-50 chance you see) many,many admiring readers.His posts are the talk of the town,having been nominated for awards that appreciate such stuff and sometimes having won them too.Not to mention the colossal number of fan mails in the form of comments,which he has not disabled of course,for the world to see and be awestruck.So enchanted is he by this virtual recognition that he creates this parallel universe of his own,cut away from what people deem to be the real one,and dedicates his entire life,whatever little he must have had,to it.His observations are all to the tone of 'Bloggable' or 'Not Bloggable' and he paints a valiant,heroic sometimes dark and scary,just to try something different,image of himself.Everything he writes is the story of his life,the way he wants it.So basically he is the hero of the play his life has become.And the playwright too.

But all this was past,long lost glory.These days Silent blogs are stored in 20 GB HDD's kept in some dark corner of archival library wrapped in 2 year old (yeah that's got to be old considering how fas things are changing up here) newspapers.Reality simulation blogs have taken over.They have got sound,mostly in the voice of the author filled with all the emotion and modulation that Silent blogs could only deliver inadequately by stupid graphic smileys like this one :D.
Smell also become an integral part.You can smell the flowers that someone gave to his girl on V-day or smell what someone's mom is cooking for birthday.Foul smells used to be taboo at first but the cynics thought that this was hiding the harsh way real life was.Pretty much like the f words and stuff.There were few takers at first but then it became the new outrageous and rebellious thing and however vile it seemed,it caught up.So now you can smell the puke at the night club and the sweaty sock and I don't know what else.Freedom of smell was enforced much on the lines of freedom of expression.And anyway it is a matter of choice.Softwares were made to create new 'nannies' who tried to prevent underage kids from getting the stink,but kids are smart these days.Nevermind some early lessons,no harm done.

Getting back to the story,our protagonist being of the old school did not like the new innovations.His past readers on the other hand adapted to the changing times and moved on.Now there was nobody to applaud the blue tee he had worn on the weekend or thank him for the lovely tips on lovemaking he gave out for free.Or even thank him for some great referrals and applaud his piece of prose about his new flat TV with studio sound.The entire world he had created had fallen apart.He wasn't ready to accept it though.He kept checking his hit counter stats from the year gone by and reply to fake comments he himself made on his blog with scores of different ID's.He had run out of audience and he ironically tried to create them virtually too.

Tired of his life he terminated it.The virtual one I mean.He wrote an obituary for himself,declared that he was killing himself-no one could ever know for real-and discarded his account.This post of his was declared as the best ever of a fading Silent blog era and won him many virtual awards.He was past care though,not even there to take a bow on his swan song.

Thankfully he had a real life to fall back upon.I am not sure if he lived happily ever after but I like happy endings.So there.

Yup I need to get my brain checked,pretty soon.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A festivus for the rest of us

Our annual technology festival,appropriately named Techfest,will complete another hugely successful edition today.Always better than the year before,always bettered by the year after.Hundreds of colleges will have attended,thousands of students held in awe,lakhs of prize money distributed.That's what I will come to know of surely and probably you would too.

My association with festivals is very limited.This techfest it was restricted to roaming around in pyjamas and sneakers with tennis ball in hand after a game of cricket,entering a place where they were asking questions and coming back with a cap I so badly needed in five minutes flat.That's it.I tried to get excited by robots cutting grass and sowing saplings (a much needed technology you might argue in a country where farmers can't afford tractors) or hideous ensembles of cardboard,wheels and engines disguised as cars in a drag race.It's tough to get involved if you're not taking part.I with all my persuasive skills couldn't ask my friends to attend a quiz I was hosting and I could not blame them.So I expect my good friends incharge of these events to see me under the same light.Forgive me.

But,in a more serious tone,I do not appreciate of the major favours and space and money the virtual gaming thing got.It may require skill,it may be very popular but I fail to see why the tech events which required some innovation,knowledge and ingenuity should be sacrficed at their altar.I still believe it would require much more skill to design a car powered by only chemical reactions than hunt down and kill an enemy in CS.Maybe I form a part of the minority.

Most of the people I came across were mostly disinterested in the proceedings.This reminded me of the rather brilliant idea that George's father came up with in Seinfeld.A Festivus for the rest of us.So those without any inclination towards the tech or cult side may celebrate a festivus of their own.Details to be chalked out soon.


I came up with a plan to deal with the ever annoying forwards and offlines.I discussed it with friends and decided to start the backward.Everytime I get a message with the fwd: tag,I'll change the tag to bwd: and mail it back to where it came from.So the mail would read:'Very interesting backward,read and backward this to atleast 10 people'

No,I haven't implemented it yet.


The Book Fair as a part of the Mumbai Festival was a disappointment,especially with the international tag in front of it.Having attended the ones at Jamshedpur and seen one at Kolkata,I shouldn't have even thought of comparing.Cramped space,most of the tiny stalls filled with 30-50-100 bucks useless mass books which looked straight out of Flora Fountain.Then,I thought,I wasn't going to buy anything anyway and that thought brightened me up.A little bit of aesthetic appeal and food as cheap as Jamshedpur would have helped though.Obviously both of them can't be expected here.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ah..some things never change !!

Anurag just told me that our school,of all things possible,has a website now!!

For everyone who is familiar with RV,at least with people until our batch,this will come as a huge,huge shock.It's like Mozambique having launched a space shuttle,or Vatican building a nuclear bomb.I don't know who's behind this but I'll make sure that I find out when I get back home.

But,there had to be a catch.Afterall it's RV.I kicked myself for having underestimated the potential of my alma-mater.Like a normal nostalgic idiot,I clicked on the alumni-register-here link.And WHAM! I was knocked back into my senses.If you read the bottom of that form,you'll probably notice the supposedly modest charges that they are demanding from us to get registered.Now for ex-RV'ians to shell out 500 bucks for filling up a form-that would probably be the undoubted shocking news of the year.This is probably the only school alumni list in the world where you will have to pay to get registered.A brilliant idea if you ask me,there is absolutely no chance whatsoever of fake registrations.How could I not sense this earlier,12 years and I haven't learnt my lessons yet.

And if you notice further,as I was bound to,you'll probably see the URL of the link as some strange thing which has got nothing to do with RV.Then out of curiosity you'll remove the excess tags and get to the original website.What you'll then see is the website of some NGO,involved in Tsunami work.Then when you click on the get involved link,what you'll see is pretty much self evident.Now if there is some tie-up,and the money will go to that NGO,it's a very nice gesture and whenever I earn my first 500 I'll surely give it to them.It would have been lot better if they had mentioned it there to avoid confusions.If it isn't,well..

I love my school.I have to thank it a million times over for making me as I am today.Ironically this over-critical,thankless,non-sentimental,zero sophistication attitude that I grew in,and grew up with means that I have no place for nostalgia,at least for those I have to pay.Before this our school did not even have a mailing group,or get togethers etc. and nobody cared.I have dealt with this earlier and I don't need to explain again.But time and distance hardly change the nature of relationships as far my friend circle is concerned.I hardly meet,interact with someone I haven't talked to my entire school life,nothing to be proud of,but nothing I can help either.

And now a website from my school-which did not even organise a farewell for our batch,there were reasons I agree,but it would have helped.An alumni list where they expect RV'ians to pay.Where did things go wrong?

Note:If any one from RV webmaster team reads this,tracing the referrals,you must realise the vein in which this is written.If you're offended,I'll write another one and remove the link.

Once an RV man,always an RV man.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Open Sports Quiz

I had a feeling that it would be random, and it proved right today. In my defence I just have to say that it was the first quiz I set and that too all alone.

Here is the Rapidshare link if you stil want to download it.

Note: Q 20 and 21 in the elims are visual conncets,so connect both the pictures. Q22 identify the player, Q23 just tell what is happening and what Q24 what World Cup, Q25 name the band whose latest album is that.

I guess that's all.
And don't worry about the answers, I don't think I'll have time to complete and upload again.In case you really need some answers, I'm here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm feeling lucky

It's amazing how sport can make you feel all excited and happy.There is a bad side too,for more often than not Indian cricket has left me and people like me depressed,but such thoughts do not cross my mind right now.They did just 2 days ago,when Afridi was going berserk and Akmal was destroying the bowling.Not any longer.

I am feeling very privileged that I watched most part of Sehwag's innings today.This makes it the 4th double century record I have watched in the last 4 years.You would feel elated too if you watched them all.First it was Thorpe in 2001 against NZ,nothing spectacular in terms of hard hitting but a beautiful one indeed.Then it was Gilly in the same year.He blasted the attack in that one in a way only he can.And the best one was the unbelieveable Astle mauling when he hit anything that came within his range.I remember waking up at 4 AM to watch that NZ Eng match,with NZ needing 500 odd to win.With nothing to lose Astle starting hitting everything,and chose Caddick for some special treatment.Some of the straight sixes he hit out of the ground are etched in my memory,and I still talk about them enthusiastically.

Sehwag gave another such moment today.29 fours with only 3 on the leg side pretty much tells the story.And a make shift opening pair is about to beak a 50 year old record of 413 runs.What more can I ask for? A Veeru triple maybe.

When I saw Afridi hit Bhajji for 27 runs in that depressing over,I realised that I was again lucky enough to have watched McMillan and Lara score 30 runs in an over,the latter hitting every ball to the fence with 4 fours and 2 sixes.That goes on top of my cricketing memory with the Shaun Pollock debut for Warwickshire where he took 4 wickets off consecutive deliveries.I feel blessed to have watched this all.

Thank God I watch cricket,whatever of it comes my way.Just hope the cricketing Gods keep smiling on me this way.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sickening discoveries

It's the perfectly wrong time to fall ill.I missed Nihilant,I miss playing football in the clear weather-a rarity in Mumbai,I missed the cricket practice I hoped to join for time pass and the volleyball under lights.All because I forgot that eating ice-creams at night when you have asthma symptoms showing up isn't such a smart thing afterall.

Anyway the curiosity hasn't died.I just went through the contents of the 4 medicines I'm taking presently and searched them on the internet to see if I could find something interesting.The first one,which I have been taking (I thought) since times immemorial contained Diethylcarbamazine citrate.A search showed this paragraph:

Incubation with diethylcarbamazine citrate caused significant augmentation of human neutrophil and eosinophil adherence to tissue culture plastic.

Needless to say it was mind blowing.I could not understand any of the words used,let alone counter them all in a sentence.I quietly thanked God that I did not choose medicine,not that I could have got in.Another search showed up this:

An anthelmintic agent, C16H29O8N3, used especially in the treatment of ascariasis and filariasis.

I must have missed out on something.This medicine kills worms! My faith was shaken,I chucked that strip away and continued the search with the other one.

Salbutanol Sulphate,it proclaimed.The description looked fine,related to pulmonary diseases.Smoking,it said,caused COPD 8 times out of 10.That means I'm one level higher than my smoking friends,without even taking a puff! Now that is what I call injustice.Maybe I was heavy smoker previous life,and the effects spilled over to this one.

Then I happened to glance upon the side effects:
  • Headache
  • Difficulty in passing urine (urinary retention)
  • Dry mouth
  • Shaking, usually of the hands (tremor)
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sweating
  • Unexpected narrowing of the airways (paradoxical bronchospasm)
  • Low blood potassium level (hypokalaemia)
  • Awareness of your heartbeat (palpitations)
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Cough
  • Nervousness
  • Increased heart rate (tachycardia)
  • Hypersensitivity reactions such as swelling of the lips, throat and tongue (angioedema), itchy blistering rash or anaphylactic shock.
Each one of them came as a huge shock.And with an existential question "What If??".It also reminded me of this para from 'Three men in a boat' :

I sat for awhile, frozen with horror; and then, in the listlessness of despair, I again turned over the pages. I came to typhoid fever – read the symptoms – discovered that I had typhoid fever, must have had it for months without knowing it – wondered what else I had got; turned up St. Vitus’s Dance – found, as I expected, that I had that too, – began to get interested in my case, and determined to sift it to the bottom, and so started alphabetically – read up ague, and learnt that I was sickening for it, and that the acute stage would commence in about another fortnight. Bright’s disease, I was relieved to find, I had only in a modified form, and, so far as that was concerned, I might live for years. Cholera I had, with severe complications; and diphtheria I seemed to have been born with. I plodded conscientiously through the twenty-six letters, and the only malady I could conclude I had not got was housemaid’s knee.

I searched no further.Everyone knows that curiosity killed the cat.I realised that human beings can come pretty close too.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen Jethro Tull!!!

Jethro Tull is touring India late Jan-early Feb! And stopping over at Mumbai.

I have to choose between the India England test match at Wankhede and this concert now.Can't spend too much on tickets.I somehow manage to jugaadofy enough money for the mess and canteen bills :((

I just hope things work out.Fingers crossed.

Here is the tour detail.

Slam sham? Sorry ma'am!

I had erased the horrendous memories of my association with slam books,a thing that is fast becoming an integral part of school culture now.I thought it would die with me until I visited my cousin this winter who was attending the last week of his classes at school.One fateful night he took out 3-4 pink lined glossy paged notebooks and I knew it was going to be a long night.I did not want to be involved but then I was consulted on a few questions and scary memories came flooding back.

I remember filling up the first ones I got properly.By properly I mean writing N.A in most of the questions.That was the neutral approach.Suddenly the entire idea of writing you most embarrassing moments,happiest times,favourite actor,actress,colour,car,singer,dancer, infinitum..seemed so grossly insane.I failed to figure why suddenly this urge of getting all this information was there when most of the people who gave me those things had evidently never ever talked to me for more than 5 minutes.The worst part was the 'lines for me' section.I was clueless as to what to write for a person I hardly know.All this took a toll on me and I decided to fight back.

After my resolve 'my saddest moment' became the 'moment I was handed over the slam book' and 'happiest moment' became 'the moment I complete it'.I added on some misleading definitions of 'love','life' and 'friendship' and my revenge was complete.The number of these books I got reduced drastically the next time the season came and I was a happy man.

But as most evil things,these also changed form.The new form,a plain diary,was even more intriguing.I got two blank pages,with my name written on top,to fill in whatever I wanted.I asked the girl what she wanted,an essay on her? She told me to write whatever came to my mind.I flipped back pages to see how others had handled the situation and I could have died laughing.There were songs,sometimes in those glitter pens,there were free psychoanalyses,definitions of love,relationships or just tips on handling the world ahead.I knew I wasn't cut out for this kind of insight so I chose a different path...

My cousin came to know of the path I had chosen for I made him go that way too.He took a book which had a pink Barbie on it's cover and inbuilt lock and key system to open it.It had blank pages inside and my cousin's name written on one of those pages.He did not know what to do.I did.Back in school I had made a questionnaire of my own to get back on all those people who had agonised me with theirs.I took inspiration from that and the 2 pages he filled ran something like this:

I am tired of answering the same questions in all the slam books I get.So I choose yours to make the world aware of my favourites that have never got a mention up until now but nevertheless are valued equally by me.Here is my list,which by no means is exhaustive,but then I have only 2 pages assigned to me so I have to compromise:

Favourite left handed spin bowler
Favourite non-toxic gas
Favourite non extinct flightless bird
Moment when I felt like poking my fingers into my eyes and squirming my brain
Favourite actress in a supporting role:foreign movie
Favourite low alcoholic cough syrup

You get the idea right? I stopped when I realised that I was in college now.Nevertheless I had a guilty but contented sleep.I had trained the next generation of avengers.

The people who used to write sugar syrupy things have grown up now.They are asking questions like 'asl plz' or 'are you a virgin' in obscure chatrooms with conversion rate that is a real number in some cases.They have grown up to write scraps in Orkut like 'Wanna do friendship' or even 'How you doin''.I have no idea what has become of people who handed over those books in the first place.Maybe they are out there falling in love,or hoping that a prince of their dreams will log on into Yahoo Messenger someday and buzz them with a ID that has just the right adjectives preceding their names.

People who chose to fight back and extract revenge from the slam books are yet to grow up.The entire world thinks so.

Footnote:The entire plan lost it's relevance when the owner of the slam book thought it was very funny and different from whatever she had ever come across.I figured out it's better to go with things like other people do.

Strangely enough

One thing I hear a lot is that I do very strange things.I guess strange means more or less different here.I never gave it a thought.It was only a matter of time though.Once I did think about it,turns out there is evidence that justifies that fact.I can't go one telling people the history of this anamoly,but the least I can do is give them this link.

I was thinking about all the essay topics I have written on in school and the pattern that came out somewhat gives conclusive evidence.

.1. There was this essay on 'Experiences in a natural calamity' or something of that sort.Earthquakes were in fashion those days,so I didn't choose that.Supercylones had been out of news just recently so that was out of question.Volcanoes were too obvious to be chosen.And it was too early to write about Tsunamis.So I,a person who has never seen snow in his entire life,let my imagination run wild and I chose avalanches preceded by snowy blizzards as my topic.That's the effect of too many movies you might say and be pretty right too.I had just seen an X-Files episode and the things I wrote left pretty much nothing to imagination.

.2. Now one of the regular topics was 'A popular concert' but I chose to make that interesting too.While everyone was happy with Lata or Shaan or Lucky Ali or other people of that sort performing I chose to go global.So we had a Deep Purple night right there in Jamshedpur and I titled that essay Purple Haze which you might well know to be a famous Hendrix song.Had just started getting into those things so it had to come out.Why would Deep Purple choose to tour Jamshedpur where their average record sales may be well eclipsed by Manoj Tiwari and his Bhojpuri songs is a question that never occured in my mind.

.3. One of the junior classes favourite topics was 'Your ambition in life'.There were essay books that said doctors,engineers,writers,government servants or just nice people.Answer books pretty much reflected these views,sometimes chose the same lines to endorse them.I however had different ideas.Somehow in my kiddy teeny weeny brain I thought I could write that I wanted to be a politician of all people and pull that off.And if I remember correctly,not that you have any choices of disbelieving me,I pulled it off pretty well.

.4. Then there was this recurring topic 'Description of a vacation'.I figured out that everyone would like to got to Shimla,Kulu,Ooty,Bombay and stuff.I had seldom set foot outside Bihar and Jharkhand and the only foreign state I had visited was Nepal.Nepal with all it's beauty and mystery hardly bothers the passport officials and I chose not to write about that.If you have read my earlier post,completely that is,it might not take you long to figure out what I wrote.I went to Sydney on New Year's eve.I described the whole splendid firework thing at Sydney Harbor and then went on to poetically praise SCG and also mention the Albert Park F1 track among other things.I remember pretty well that I was asked by the teacher who wondered in other sections too,'Have you been to Sydney?'.I could only grin and say,'Everyday,in my dreams'.Though that was a lie,I don't remember what I dream but there was no way teacher could find that out.

Another one to end.We had a work visit in some magnet manufacturing company.Before the show around the guide was enthusiastically testing our knowledge of magnets.
'So you know of some applications where magnets are used?'
'Cranes,motors blah blah' people shouted.
'Sir magnetic chess,the ones we use while travelling in train?'
It is very embarrassing when people give you that look.But I'm getting used to that now.

Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year celebrations

Six days is just about time when you have heard enough stories of new year escapades and you can't take even one more without tearing your hair out and crying out in agony, "Why God,why does everyone have to tell his story and think everyone will be interested?"Except your own story of course,which you can excitingly tell to a million people without ever getting bored.Or even considering the fact that others just might be.But then,this is how these things work.Works with Amway doesn't it?

Thankfully I have no story.I was feeling sleepy,my friends were feeling sleepy and I bet everyone else was,except that they had those expensive passes which made them somehow stay awake until they had extracted every penny worth of the cost.I know I would have stayed awake in such a case.Money has this habit of making you lose your sleep.Anyway things were not always like this.Things used to be slightly more exciting back then,but no where as exciting as getting high on booze,ending up flat on your back in a toilet of five star joint as some of the stories claim.But,in hindsight I'll just settle with mine.

My new year was just like everyone else's around me.A small locality in a small town where new year was ushered in by overly enthusiastic TV anchors who had this clock ticking on the screen that reminded you that you were lucky enough to be watching TV that late at night and that it would be switched off pretty soon.The entire family cuddled up comfortably in the quilt,all eyes fixed on the silver screen.Listening to pathetic jokes that looked like rejects from Nandan and Champak.Watching songs that were played all year long but somehow having them classified as year's best made them worth one more shot.Same applied with news too.I loved the sweets at midnight though.Of course now with dinner time being more or less around midnight,it doesn't feel special anymore.

Those were early days though.Later new years were not anything to look forward to for I could watch TV whenever I wanted to. I used to stay awake for the Champion's league matches,US opens,cricket in Windies and later for the golf majors.This pretty much covered the entire year.Things outside were changing fast though.There were these small tents,usually the sort you get to see in mohalla wedding receptions,where youngsters from the locality played some amazing mix of tasteless music and kept the desi-sharab-ki-dukan pretty busy.The ambience was nothing like the booze and dancing in city night clubs and most of these folks ended up in roadside garbage and drains.These drains were nowhere as clean as the five star wash rooms,but then money makes all the difference.Idea,of course remains the same.Drinking,eating,dancing and cleaning up.I was too afraid to join the revelry then and have better things to do with a thousand bucks now.

One thing I absolutely looked forward to though was the new year test match,an annual ritual at the SCG.More than the cricket,I looked forward to the amazing display of fireworks they showed around the Sydney harbor bridge.That and the usually brilliant display of cricketing fireworks in the ground put me a state of trance.Like Ponting did today.

So I had my dream new year planned a long time ago.Sydney harbor bridge and then the Sydney cricket ground.And since it is a dream,it won't be take much to add that I want it to be an Ashes match where Warney would pick up 5 in both innings and Vaughan would score a century of the same class as he did in the last Ashes down under.With probably my brother and some friends who value cricketing experience as much as I do.

Some people would be inclined to think that maybe I should get a life.I in turn might be inclined to think the same.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

100th post!

I had planned to do a thing like I did on my 50th post but I guess the fascination with lame limericks was a passing phase.So I won't do that.

It feels really,really good to nail this 100th one just a day after one of my favourite cricketers Ricky 'Punter' Ponting scored a 100 in his 100th test match.I had seen him debut in the '96 world cup where he became the youngest to score a WC century and it was pretty obvious that he was meant for bigger things.

I have been pretty stupid most of the times,on this blog and more emabarrassingly on some others.Maybe I was meant to be that way,but I have learnt not to infringe on any personal opinion and space,a thing that hardly matters for anyone involved.So I plan to restrict my stupidity on my blog alone,though it's pretty hard to judge when you are crossing that line.Things dawn upon only in retrospect.

I read 2 lines in Frontline yesterday about an autobiography and I think I can quote that here.Something is pretty relevant for blogs too:

"It is pretty much like women's clothing.The desire to reveal but the necessity to conceal.Some works represent bikinis,what's revealed is interesting,what's concealed is vital."

I just hope this does not become a bikini blog.Not that I have interesting things waiting to revealed anyway.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

OMG !!! :O :O

You might have heard of cell phones getting stolen in hostels.Nothing new,mine got stolen just 4 months ago.But figure this out-Yesterday 1 eMac computer and 2 cpu's got stolen from our hostel computer room !!!!

What has the world come down to? How can anyone do this?How the hell can they pull this off? Why would be a silly question to ask.But this is waaaaaaay the most shocking news of the year.And it's just begun.

What next?

Heartless Insights

I have never got any gifts for New Year.That's probably becuase I haven't given out any.Forget gifts,I don't remember sending any card-be it birthdays,festivals,anniversaries to anyone of my relatives or friends.And if you think I did that to save money for myself then here's another fact-never ever in my 6 year internet career have I sent any kind of e-greeting or card or anything.No wonder then,you must be inclined to think.Add to that exactly zero phone calls and sms'es that I made this new year and the perfect picture emerges in front of you.What's worse I didn't even bother to reciprocate the persistent few who checked in.

It's not that I don't have friends.I have friends,but if I call them and say something like 'Happy New Year' or even 'Happy Diwali' ,I would get a string of obscenities hurled at me and then be the subject of incessant laughter.I tried this once this Diwali and the reply I got was 'Are you out of your senses?'.Maybe I was,but I'm back now.It's good to have like minded friends.So when I go home I don't hastily open the gate and rush in and embrace my mom and say 'Mom it's been a long time,I missed you,I'm so glad to be home!!!!!!' (you remember that Seinfeld episode with Elaine's excess exclamation marks,right?).I go,switch on the TV,start surfing at a frantic pace and shout at mom to bring some food.Time and distance hardly change relationships for me.I told this to my friends,and most of them agreed.

Still,many of them cried,some tried to cry on our school's last day.Some banged on the doors and pleaded to open the classrooms for one final time,some said things like 'I'm wearing this dress for the very last time' or 'I'm so gonna cry,I'll miss you people'.I was standing alone,a few steps away,plucking out leaves from a tree and saying 'I'm pulling out a leaf from the school tree for the last time' or 'I'm calling you people bloody c**** for the last time (actually no,I did it a lot many times,but without the school dress on)'.Some of my closest friends joined and me in this and we a great time pinpointing and picking people and then forming a circle and laughing as loud as we could.Understandably the tear-shedding was hugely abated after a certain time.Thank you,no clapping please.

[Another thing I absolutely despised was filling up those obscenely stupid slam books.I exacted my revenge and that made sure I didn't get many.Again that's a long story,maybe some other time.]

Still all of them attended the 'farewell',of which I will not go into the details of right now.It's an epic and I'll write that later,of course based of a variety of reports recieved from the eye witnesses.I was probably the only one who walked away.I don't know why,but I knew that people who matter,and to whom I matter will always remain close,in a non Archie-Hallmark kind of of way and I did not intend to celebrate something I wasn't touched by with people I never would anyway.I'm glad to say that I was not wrong and I thank my friends who have been true to my faith.[Although in an entirely different way I wished I had attended the last day celebrations,I missed out on a lot of action :(]

If you haven't guessed it already,our batch does not have re-unions or get togethers of any sort.And the reason is pretty simple-there is no point in meeting up people whom you avoided,and maybe who avoided you anyway.14 years in school is a long time to know people who are your type and who are not and it isn't going to change after that.I don't think so.I'm glad that when I go home I get to spend time with people I always have and still love it,and probably they do too.

Finally I'm so,so glad that none of my old group friends called or messaged or mailed me any wishes.I'm glad that I was myself enough not to wish them either.Plain and simple,no fusses.And I know when we'll meet again it'll be just like old times,none of 'Oh you've got fatter' or 'Look I got my hair coloured' or 'Hey,did you see my tattoo'.Thank God for that.

But that will not prevent me from wishing a Very Happy New Year to all of you,however little all may be.And if any one of my mates is reading this,just ignore this part.If you don't,I'll get to you b*****.

Quite a few people wonder why I have never been emotionally involved with anyone.I wonder about that too.And why I hate F.R.I.E.N.D.S and think that Seinfeld is the best thing to have happened to TV and that Jon Stewart is the funniest guy around and why I have an Orkut about me like this.Again I just don't know :)