Thursday, January 05, 2006

100th post!

I had planned to do a thing like I did on my 50th post but I guess the fascination with lame limericks was a passing phase.So I won't do that.

It feels really,really good to nail this 100th one just a day after one of my favourite cricketers Ricky 'Punter' Ponting scored a 100 in his 100th test match.I had seen him debut in the '96 world cup where he became the youngest to score a WC century and it was pretty obvious that he was meant for bigger things.

I have been pretty stupid most of the times,on this blog and more emabarrassingly on some others.Maybe I was meant to be that way,but I have learnt not to infringe on any personal opinion and space,a thing that hardly matters for anyone involved.So I plan to restrict my stupidity on my blog alone,though it's pretty hard to judge when you are crossing that line.Things dawn upon only in retrospect.

I read 2 lines in Frontline yesterday about an autobiography and I think I can quote that here.Something is pretty relevant for blogs too:

"It is pretty much like women's clothing.The desire to reveal but the necessity to conceal.Some works represent bikinis,what's revealed is interesting,what's concealed is vital."

I just hope this does not become a bikini blog.Not that I have interesting things waiting to revealed anyway.


Mirage said...

Hehe...maybe now...u'll reveal whts vital...? ;)

Nikhil said...

My blog is the jeans-tee type.Informal and nothing much to see.
And BTW if I had anything interesting going on in my life,why on earth would I blog :(
It's sort of a counter boredom sort of thing,something that may die with time.Let us see.