Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ah..some things never change !!

Anurag just told me that our school,of all things possible,has a website now!!

For everyone who is familiar with RV,at least with people until our batch,this will come as a huge,huge shock.It's like Mozambique having launched a space shuttle,or Vatican building a nuclear bomb.I don't know who's behind this but I'll make sure that I find out when I get back home.

But,there had to be a catch.Afterall it's RV.I kicked myself for having underestimated the potential of my alma-mater.Like a normal nostalgic idiot,I clicked on the alumni-register-here link.And WHAM! I was knocked back into my senses.If you read the bottom of that form,you'll probably notice the supposedly modest charges that they are demanding from us to get registered.Now for ex-RV'ians to shell out 500 bucks for filling up a form-that would probably be the undoubted shocking news of the year.This is probably the only school alumni list in the world where you will have to pay to get registered.A brilliant idea if you ask me,there is absolutely no chance whatsoever of fake registrations.How could I not sense this earlier,12 years and I haven't learnt my lessons yet.

And if you notice further,as I was bound to,you'll probably see the URL of the link as some strange thing which has got nothing to do with RV.Then out of curiosity you'll remove the excess tags and get to the original website.What you'll then see is the website of some NGO,involved in Tsunami work.Then when you click on the get involved link,what you'll see is pretty much self evident.Now if there is some tie-up,and the money will go to that NGO,it's a very nice gesture and whenever I earn my first 500 I'll surely give it to them.It would have been lot better if they had mentioned it there to avoid confusions.If it isn't,well..

I love my school.I have to thank it a million times over for making me as I am today.Ironically this over-critical,thankless,non-sentimental,zero sophistication attitude that I grew in,and grew up with means that I have no place for nostalgia,at least for those I have to pay.Before this our school did not even have a mailing group,or get togethers etc. and nobody cared.I have dealt with this earlier and I don't need to explain again.But time and distance hardly change the nature of relationships as far my friend circle is concerned.I hardly meet,interact with someone I haven't talked to my entire school life,nothing to be proud of,but nothing I can help either.

And now a website from my school-which did not even organise a farewell for our batch,there were reasons I agree,but it would have helped.An alumni list where they expect RV'ians to pay.Where did things go wrong?

Note:If any one from RV webmaster team reads this,tracing the referrals,you must realise the vein in which this is written.If you're offended,I'll write another one and remove the link.

Once an RV man,always an RV man.


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