Sunday, January 22, 2006

A festivus for the rest of us

Our annual technology festival,appropriately named Techfest,will complete another hugely successful edition today.Always better than the year before,always bettered by the year after.Hundreds of colleges will have attended,thousands of students held in awe,lakhs of prize money distributed.That's what I will come to know of surely and probably you would too.

My association with festivals is very limited.This techfest it was restricted to roaming around in pyjamas and sneakers with tennis ball in hand after a game of cricket,entering a place where they were asking questions and coming back with a cap I so badly needed in five minutes flat.That's it.I tried to get excited by robots cutting grass and sowing saplings (a much needed technology you might argue in a country where farmers can't afford tractors) or hideous ensembles of cardboard,wheels and engines disguised as cars in a drag race.It's tough to get involved if you're not taking part.I with all my persuasive skills couldn't ask my friends to attend a quiz I was hosting and I could not blame them.So I expect my good friends incharge of these events to see me under the same light.Forgive me.

But,in a more serious tone,I do not appreciate of the major favours and space and money the virtual gaming thing got.It may require skill,it may be very popular but I fail to see why the tech events which required some innovation,knowledge and ingenuity should be sacrficed at their altar.I still believe it would require much more skill to design a car powered by only chemical reactions than hunt down and kill an enemy in CS.Maybe I form a part of the minority.

Most of the people I came across were mostly disinterested in the proceedings.This reminded me of the rather brilliant idea that George's father came up with in Seinfeld.A Festivus for the rest of us.So those without any inclination towards the tech or cult side may celebrate a festivus of their own.Details to be chalked out soon.


I came up with a plan to deal with the ever annoying forwards and offlines.I discussed it with friends and decided to start the backward.Everytime I get a message with the fwd: tag,I'll change the tag to bwd: and mail it back to where it came from.So the mail would read:'Very interesting backward,read and backward this to atleast 10 people'

No,I haven't implemented it yet.


The Book Fair as a part of the Mumbai Festival was a disappointment,especially with the international tag in front of it.Having attended the ones at Jamshedpur and seen one at Kolkata,I shouldn't have even thought of comparing.Cramped space,most of the tiny stalls filled with 30-50-100 bucks useless mass books which looked straight out of Flora Fountain.Then,I thought,I wasn't going to buy anything anyway and that thought brightened me up.A little bit of aesthetic appeal and food as cheap as Jamshedpur would have helped though.Obviously both of them can't be expected here.

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