Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Heartless Insights

I have never got any gifts for New Year.That's probably becuase I haven't given out any.Forget gifts,I don't remember sending any card-be it birthdays,festivals,anniversaries to anyone of my relatives or friends.And if you think I did that to save money for myself then here's another fact-never ever in my 6 year internet career have I sent any kind of e-greeting or card or anything.No wonder then,you must be inclined to think.Add to that exactly zero phone calls and sms'es that I made this new year and the perfect picture emerges in front of you.What's worse I didn't even bother to reciprocate the persistent few who checked in.

It's not that I don't have friends.I have friends,but if I call them and say something like 'Happy New Year' or even 'Happy Diwali' ,I would get a string of obscenities hurled at me and then be the subject of incessant laughter.I tried this once this Diwali and the reply I got was 'Are you out of your senses?'.Maybe I was,but I'm back now.It's good to have like minded friends.So when I go home I don't hastily open the gate and rush in and embrace my mom and say 'Mom it's been a long time,I missed you,I'm so glad to be home!!!!!!' (you remember that Seinfeld episode with Elaine's excess exclamation marks,right?).I go,switch on the TV,start surfing at a frantic pace and shout at mom to bring some food.Time and distance hardly change relationships for me.I told this to my friends,and most of them agreed.

Still,many of them cried,some tried to cry on our school's last day.Some banged on the doors and pleaded to open the classrooms for one final time,some said things like 'I'm wearing this dress for the very last time' or 'I'm so gonna cry,I'll miss you people'.I was standing alone,a few steps away,plucking out leaves from a tree and saying 'I'm pulling out a leaf from the school tree for the last time' or 'I'm calling you people bloody c**** for the last time (actually no,I did it a lot many times,but without the school dress on)'.Some of my closest friends joined and me in this and we a great time pinpointing and picking people and then forming a circle and laughing as loud as we could.Understandably the tear-shedding was hugely abated after a certain time.Thank you,no clapping please.

[Another thing I absolutely despised was filling up those obscenely stupid slam books.I exacted my revenge and that made sure I didn't get many.Again that's a long story,maybe some other time.]

Still all of them attended the 'farewell',of which I will not go into the details of right now.It's an epic and I'll write that later,of course based of a variety of reports recieved from the eye witnesses.I was probably the only one who walked away.I don't know why,but I knew that people who matter,and to whom I matter will always remain close,in a non Archie-Hallmark kind of of way and I did not intend to celebrate something I wasn't touched by with people I never would anyway.I'm glad to say that I was not wrong and I thank my friends who have been true to my faith.[Although in an entirely different way I wished I had attended the last day celebrations,I missed out on a lot of action :(]

If you haven't guessed it already,our batch does not have re-unions or get togethers of any sort.And the reason is pretty simple-there is no point in meeting up people whom you avoided,and maybe who avoided you anyway.14 years in school is a long time to know people who are your type and who are not and it isn't going to change after that.I don't think so.I'm glad that when I go home I get to spend time with people I always have and still love it,and probably they do too.

Finally I'm so,so glad that none of my old group friends called or messaged or mailed me any wishes.I'm glad that I was myself enough not to wish them either.Plain and simple,no fusses.And I know when we'll meet again it'll be just like old times,none of 'Oh you've got fatter' or 'Look I got my hair coloured' or 'Hey,did you see my tattoo'.Thank God for that.

But that will not prevent me from wishing a Very Happy New Year to all of you,however little all may be.And if any one of my mates is reading this,just ignore this part.If you don't,I'll get to you b*****.

Quite a few people wonder why I have never been emotionally involved with anyone.I wonder about that too.And why I hate F.R.I.E.N.D.S and think that Seinfeld is the best thing to have happened to TV and that Jon Stewart is the funniest guy around and why I have an Orkut about me like this.Again I just don't know :)


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You did wish me you b******

Nikhil said...

That was real life :)

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