Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm feeling lucky

It's amazing how sport can make you feel all excited and happy.There is a bad side too,for more often than not Indian cricket has left me and people like me depressed,but such thoughts do not cross my mind right now.They did just 2 days ago,when Afridi was going berserk and Akmal was destroying the bowling.Not any longer.

I am feeling very privileged that I watched most part of Sehwag's innings today.This makes it the 4th double century record I have watched in the last 4 years.You would feel elated too if you watched them all.First it was Thorpe in 2001 against NZ,nothing spectacular in terms of hard hitting but a beautiful one indeed.Then it was Gilly in the same year.He blasted the attack in that one in a way only he can.And the best one was the unbelieveable Astle mauling when he hit anything that came within his range.I remember waking up at 4 AM to watch that NZ Eng match,with NZ needing 500 odd to win.With nothing to lose Astle starting hitting everything,and chose Caddick for some special treatment.Some of the straight sixes he hit out of the ground are etched in my memory,and I still talk about them enthusiastically.

Sehwag gave another such moment today.29 fours with only 3 on the leg side pretty much tells the story.And a make shift opening pair is about to beak a 50 year old record of 413 runs.What more can I ask for? A Veeru triple maybe.

When I saw Afridi hit Bhajji for 27 runs in that depressing over,I realised that I was again lucky enough to have watched McMillan and Lara score 30 runs in an over,the latter hitting every ball to the fence with 4 fours and 2 sixes.That goes on top of my cricketing memory with the Shaun Pollock debut for Warwickshire where he took 4 wickets off consecutive deliveries.I feel blessed to have watched this all.

Thank God I watch cricket,whatever of it comes my way.Just hope the cricketing Gods keep smiling on me this way.


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