Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year celebrations

Six days is just about time when you have heard enough stories of new year escapades and you can't take even one more without tearing your hair out and crying out in agony, "Why God,why does everyone have to tell his story and think everyone will be interested?"Except your own story of course,which you can excitingly tell to a million people without ever getting bored.Or even considering the fact that others just might be.But then,this is how these things work.Works with Amway doesn't it?

Thankfully I have no story.I was feeling sleepy,my friends were feeling sleepy and I bet everyone else was,except that they had those expensive passes which made them somehow stay awake until they had extracted every penny worth of the cost.I know I would have stayed awake in such a case.Money has this habit of making you lose your sleep.Anyway things were not always like this.Things used to be slightly more exciting back then,but no where as exciting as getting high on booze,ending up flat on your back in a toilet of five star joint as some of the stories claim.But,in hindsight I'll just settle with mine.

My new year was just like everyone else's around me.A small locality in a small town where new year was ushered in by overly enthusiastic TV anchors who had this clock ticking on the screen that reminded you that you were lucky enough to be watching TV that late at night and that it would be switched off pretty soon.The entire family cuddled up comfortably in the quilt,all eyes fixed on the silver screen.Listening to pathetic jokes that looked like rejects from Nandan and Champak.Watching songs that were played all year long but somehow having them classified as year's best made them worth one more shot.Same applied with news too.I loved the sweets at midnight though.Of course now with dinner time being more or less around midnight,it doesn't feel special anymore.

Those were early days though.Later new years were not anything to look forward to for I could watch TV whenever I wanted to. I used to stay awake for the Champion's league matches,US opens,cricket in Windies and later for the golf majors.This pretty much covered the entire year.Things outside were changing fast though.There were these small tents,usually the sort you get to see in mohalla wedding receptions,where youngsters from the locality played some amazing mix of tasteless music and kept the desi-sharab-ki-dukan pretty busy.The ambience was nothing like the booze and dancing in city night clubs and most of these folks ended up in roadside garbage and drains.These drains were nowhere as clean as the five star wash rooms,but then money makes all the difference.Idea,of course remains the same.Drinking,eating,dancing and cleaning up.I was too afraid to join the revelry then and have better things to do with a thousand bucks now.

One thing I absolutely looked forward to though was the new year test match,an annual ritual at the SCG.More than the cricket,I looked forward to the amazing display of fireworks they showed around the Sydney harbor bridge.That and the usually brilliant display of cricketing fireworks in the ground put me a state of trance.Like Ponting did today.

So I had my dream new year planned a long time ago.Sydney harbor bridge and then the Sydney cricket ground.And since it is a dream,it won't be take much to add that I want it to be an Ashes match where Warney would pick up 5 in both innings and Vaughan would score a century of the same class as he did in the last Ashes down under.With probably my brother and some friends who value cricketing experience as much as I do.

Some people would be inclined to think that maybe I should get a life.I in turn might be inclined to think the same.

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