Thursday, January 19, 2006

Open Sports Quiz

I had a feeling that it would be random, and it proved right today. In my defence I just have to say that it was the first quiz I set and that too all alone.

Here is the Rapidshare link if you stil want to download it.

Note: Q 20 and 21 in the elims are visual conncets,so connect both the pictures. Q22 identify the player, Q23 just tell what is happening and what Q24 what World Cup, Q25 name the band whose latest album is that.

I guess that's all.
And don't worry about the answers, I don't think I'll have time to complete and upload again.In case you really need some answers, I'm here.


thedq said...

wow. great work, esp considering you did this alone!!

Nikhil said...

:) thank you,if only some others thought the same..

Shivaram said...

Hey great work...I've done a couple of quizzes and to do this all alone is really impressive

Girish said...

I am a fanatic sports quizzer where did ya set this quiz in Mumbai. Which institution ???

Too bad that the Rapidshare link does not work.

Ramanand said...

Oh, it was a pretty decent quiz, especially if you're setting it one all alone for the first time. A few nuts and bolts to be tightened here and there, that's all.

Nikhil said...

[shivaram] thank you

[girish] It does work,I checked it right now,and there have been 16 downloads.The institute was IITB btw.

[ramanand] coming from someone who attended,and won...thank you.

Girish said...

Ya.........downloaded it now.

Firstly, I thought u had arranged this in Mumbai. So I was a bit excited considering the dearth of proper quizzes in the city.

Good quiz, I must say. Well done.

Prateek Vijayavargia said...

Hi Nikhil,
Very well done.
Thanks for posting it on my group also.
What abt the answers though???
Plz do post them(Dont know some...)