Sunday, January 08, 2006

Strangely enough

One thing I hear a lot is that I do very strange things.I guess strange means more or less different here.I never gave it a thought.It was only a matter of time though.Once I did think about it,turns out there is evidence that justifies that fact.I can't go one telling people the history of this anamoly,but the least I can do is give them this link.

I was thinking about all the essay topics I have written on in school and the pattern that came out somewhat gives conclusive evidence.

.1. There was this essay on 'Experiences in a natural calamity' or something of that sort.Earthquakes were in fashion those days,so I didn't choose that.Supercylones had been out of news just recently so that was out of question.Volcanoes were too obvious to be chosen.And it was too early to write about Tsunamis.So I,a person who has never seen snow in his entire life,let my imagination run wild and I chose avalanches preceded by snowy blizzards as my topic.That's the effect of too many movies you might say and be pretty right too.I had just seen an X-Files episode and the things I wrote left pretty much nothing to imagination.

.2. Now one of the regular topics was 'A popular concert' but I chose to make that interesting too.While everyone was happy with Lata or Shaan or Lucky Ali or other people of that sort performing I chose to go global.So we had a Deep Purple night right there in Jamshedpur and I titled that essay Purple Haze which you might well know to be a famous Hendrix song.Had just started getting into those things so it had to come out.Why would Deep Purple choose to tour Jamshedpur where their average record sales may be well eclipsed by Manoj Tiwari and his Bhojpuri songs is a question that never occured in my mind.

.3. One of the junior classes favourite topics was 'Your ambition in life'.There were essay books that said doctors,engineers,writers,government servants or just nice people.Answer books pretty much reflected these views,sometimes chose the same lines to endorse them.I however had different ideas.Somehow in my kiddy teeny weeny brain I thought I could write that I wanted to be a politician of all people and pull that off.And if I remember correctly,not that you have any choices of disbelieving me,I pulled it off pretty well.

.4. Then there was this recurring topic 'Description of a vacation'.I figured out that everyone would like to got to Shimla,Kulu,Ooty,Bombay and stuff.I had seldom set foot outside Bihar and Jharkhand and the only foreign state I had visited was Nepal.Nepal with all it's beauty and mystery hardly bothers the passport officials and I chose not to write about that.If you have read my earlier post,completely that is,it might not take you long to figure out what I wrote.I went to Sydney on New Year's eve.I described the whole splendid firework thing at Sydney Harbor and then went on to poetically praise SCG and also mention the Albert Park F1 track among other things.I remember pretty well that I was asked by the teacher who wondered in other sections too,'Have you been to Sydney?'.I could only grin and say,'Everyday,in my dreams'.Though that was a lie,I don't remember what I dream but there was no way teacher could find that out.

Another one to end.We had a work visit in some magnet manufacturing company.Before the show around the guide was enthusiastically testing our knowledge of magnets.
'So you know of some applications where magnets are used?'
'Cranes,motors blah blah' people shouted.
'Sir magnetic chess,the ones we use while travelling in train?'
It is very embarrassing when people give you that look.But I'm getting used to that now.

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