Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sunset Boulevard 2

Finally after a long time putting off,I decided to watch Sunset Boulevard.I'm not a great movie connoisseur or critic so I won't waste my and probably your time re-iterating what has already been elaborately discussed in so many more worthwhile places.It's a complicated way to say I liked the movie,but then it saves a lot of explanation.

I figured out the plot and the narration scheme in first few minutes itself but that didn't ruin it for me.It made it more exciting and gripping on the contrary.The script infact inspired me to write an analogy,with a sci-fi element based on the world of blogging which I could not help but put down here.

The protagonist is a blogger,most appropriately anonymous,whose sex,age let alone occupation and location are unknown to his (making a safe assumption to be male,got a 50-50 chance you see) many,many admiring readers.His posts are the talk of the town,having been nominated for awards that appreciate such stuff and sometimes having won them too.Not to mention the colossal number of fan mails in the form of comments,which he has not disabled of course,for the world to see and be awestruck.So enchanted is he by this virtual recognition that he creates this parallel universe of his own,cut away from what people deem to be the real one,and dedicates his entire life,whatever little he must have had,to it.His observations are all to the tone of 'Bloggable' or 'Not Bloggable' and he paints a valiant,heroic sometimes dark and scary,just to try something different,image of himself.Everything he writes is the story of his life,the way he wants it.So basically he is the hero of the play his life has become.And the playwright too.

But all this was past,long lost glory.These days Silent blogs are stored in 20 GB HDD's kept in some dark corner of archival library wrapped in 2 year old (yeah that's got to be old considering how fas things are changing up here) newspapers.Reality simulation blogs have taken over.They have got sound,mostly in the voice of the author filled with all the emotion and modulation that Silent blogs could only deliver inadequately by stupid graphic smileys like this one :D.
Smell also become an integral part.You can smell the flowers that someone gave to his girl on V-day or smell what someone's mom is cooking for birthday.Foul smells used to be taboo at first but the cynics thought that this was hiding the harsh way real life was.Pretty much like the f words and stuff.There were few takers at first but then it became the new outrageous and rebellious thing and however vile it seemed,it caught up.So now you can smell the puke at the night club and the sweaty sock and I don't know what else.Freedom of smell was enforced much on the lines of freedom of expression.And anyway it is a matter of choice.Softwares were made to create new 'nannies' who tried to prevent underage kids from getting the stink,but kids are smart these days.Nevermind some early lessons,no harm done.

Getting back to the story,our protagonist being of the old school did not like the new innovations.His past readers on the other hand adapted to the changing times and moved on.Now there was nobody to applaud the blue tee he had worn on the weekend or thank him for the lovely tips on lovemaking he gave out for free.Or even thank him for some great referrals and applaud his piece of prose about his new flat TV with studio sound.The entire world he had created had fallen apart.He wasn't ready to accept it though.He kept checking his hit counter stats from the year gone by and reply to fake comments he himself made on his blog with scores of different ID's.He had run out of audience and he ironically tried to create them virtually too.

Tired of his life he terminated it.The virtual one I mean.He wrote an obituary for himself,declared that he was killing himself-no one could ever know for real-and discarded his account.This post of his was declared as the best ever of a fading Silent blog era and won him many virtual awards.He was past care though,not even there to take a bow on his swan song.

Thankfully he had a real life to fall back upon.I am not sure if he lived happily ever after but I like happy endings.So there.

Yup I need to get my brain checked,pretty soon.

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