Saturday, February 25, 2006

the change it had to come,i knew it all along

It had to happen. It waiting to happen. I got so deathly bored with the normal blogger template that I just gave around three hours to ensure that I am not bored anymore. Just another link in the blogosphere evolution if you wish. Exams are over, it's showing already.

So what's new?
What? Are you insane? Everything's new. Except me, except you. Pinched a Wordpress template form somewhere and tweaked it away to glory. The banner image by the way is 'Expulsion from Paradise'. For now that this; I have plans. And an image of mine, chosen specifically so that it gives the feeling of me looking down at my posts. I do that. With a smirk of course. Had to remove the tagbox as it looked hopelessly out of place.

What to expect?
A lot more surely. First of all a changing image header. In vogue these days. Will do it some other time.

What goes wrong?
The comments won't have your name,apparently. Once you wish to post one, voila! It's there again. I have to correct that of course. Later.

If you think anything other than 'Yeah, whatever', I'll like to know.


Phoenix said...

Yeah, whatever.

Mirage said...

The forbidden fruit!?!

Looks good tho...:)

Nikhil said...

[phoenix] :(

[mirage] yeah the incident when Adam is thrown out of Eden for eating the forbidden fruit. And thank you :)

Srijan said...

Hey Nikhil!
I've been recently introduced to your posts.Your writing powers are amazing!!I've read all the posts frm ur archives, and the best one was "Thought for food".
Change looks cool,waiting 4 ur nxt post!!

Nikhil said...

[srijan] Thanks man!

Yohan said...

The blog looks superb. How did you do it? I want to jazz up my music blog.

Nikhil said...

[yohan] Thanks. Mailed you.