Friday, February 03, 2006

The Manchurian Candidate,LSD and other things

The Manchurian Candidate,the original version, is the best,best movie I have seen in a very long time and probably will remain so in a very long time to come.The movie watching experience was made even better and spookingly co-incidental thanks to the circumstances in which I saw this one.Only some stroke of cosmic luck,probably like this time round,can recreate such an experience and that's not going to happen pretty soon.Enough exaggeration you might think,so let me explain.

I just came back from Acoustic Dusk,our amateur intra college band performance organised by the western music club Staccato.Nothing on the performance here,but I was with some friends there and as the bands played we discussed some music and other things.Now with Rock 'n Roll these 'other things' pretty easily lead to drugs and their influence on the music.So LSD came into the picture when Sheel quoted someone "It's not dope,it's just bad acid".This led to a 10 minute lecture from me about LSD and it's effects and the famous people behind it like Dr. Leary,Aldous Huxley and Steve Jobs comment that taking LSD was one of the two-three most important things he has done in his life.They were amazed by my dope,rather acid saviness-even more so as I don't smoke or drink or intend to pretty soon.But I'm one of those persons who reads a lot about things that interest me and the history and effects of LSD are pretty interesting.Just on paper though,I don't see myself being brave enough to try that thing out,certainly not in the foreseeable future.Anyway one of things that LSD was used for was the Project MKULTRA which was the secret CIA programme for mind control during the cold war era.This is just one part of the story.

The X-Files is one of the earliest TV serials I have watched,since '96 if I recall correctly and I like that show.Science fiction and conspiracy theories:very few people don't like them.And even those who don't Gillian Anderson would surely give them a reason to watch the show-too bad the show developed into major crap in the last 3-4 seasons and lost fans like me.Anyway I was watching old episodes of the show and decided to watch a movie after watching a particular one,it's pretty evident what it was about.[On a personal note I may add that though I'm not that ring tone savvy,never tried to download those things,I made it a point that my cell rings with the opening sequence of the X-Files on both my stolen and new cells.] The movie I chose happened to be The Manchurian Candidate,thanks to my recent fetish for black and white movies.If you happen to figure out the phrase it was the 'perfect setting' which resulted in a 'good trip'.Too much LSD literature I know.

The movie was absolutely perfect for me.Science fiction,satire,Red Scare,Cold War,witty dialogues,Frank Sinatra,conspiracy theories-basically everything I dig.The ending was again brilliant and it left me in awe that someone could have made a movie on such unfathomable things that far back.To add to that this movie has one of the funniest,funny if you have seen the movie,thread titles in the IMDb dicsussion boards:What girl picks up a psycho on a train?

After a heavy dose of spooky Mulder's logic,the experimental use of LSD in Project MKULTRA and now this movie,I am beginning to form theories of my own in my head.But I'm not on dope,or acid, so it's pretty likely these will evaporate when I wake up tomorrow.

Till then,I want to believe or The truth is out there.Whatever.

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